Can not log in

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22 April, 2019, 2:51 PM UTC


Does anyone else have the problem with log in failure ? After the captcha the site is not loading . I tried now everything . Empty my cache and cookies . Checked my internet connection - like you see it work otherwise I cant write here . Restarted my PC . Nothing helps . I have the feeling that something is wrong with the captcha . Please solve the problem quick . I think I need shield and don´t want to loose all I farmed and robbed and my troops . I play over but I also tried to play over the app . Both same problem

Thanks in advance
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2 July, 2019, 6:06 AM UTC
I have had this issue more than once and had to contact support from googling plarium support because I couldn't access support when logged in either. They fixed the issue the 1st time and am now waiting for them to fix it again... not feeling like playing this game anymore if you have paid more than $1000 you should never be locked out of a game where you can lose money if your not able to log in your account in time, I really wish I had never invested time and money in this broken game too much stress sometimes and they never compensate a majority of players for losses.
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