"Update" spiking my cpu, causing it to overheat and crash my PC

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15 March, 2019, 1:17 AM UTC

signing in after the "update", I can no longer play Vikings on my browser. If I stay in game for more than a minute or so, the system clocks out, overheats and crashes. This was a serious issue with Kingdom of thrones, which I had to stop playing for same reason. What's up? This could be causing physical damage to my and other pc's!!

Thank you for your immediate attention.
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15 March, 2019, 1:23 PM UTC


Please note when you login the game, the data is loaded into your PC's memory - that's the game working principle. Every time the application is updated, it takes the part of RAM on your PC. Please note that with each update our game becomes more and more complex, new functionality and more graphic elements are added.

Try closing all not used applications and tabs in your browser before launching the game.

Please follow the link below to find the instruction with possible steps to solve this situation:


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15 March, 2019, 2:36 PM UTC


first allways clear the cache of the browser.


it work not allways. The most time Plarium must do something (what they not do until now ).  Look WebGl crash. For this the information how the game work correct not work!!

At the moment the game lag. e.x. click on task sometimes ich can only click one time than the task is done but i can not click again for take.

I must change the window and go back than it work.

The game is very slow but it could be that is not only Plarium at the moment.

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