Memory error vol 9346.229 part 137 third act

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17 February, 2019, 2:27 PM UTC

Lovely <3's> weekend, and sorry, but this is a bit of a grumpy msg.

I'm sending RSS to SH and this far have restarted game more times then is fun. 1 batch of 10 convoys; memory error. 2 batches; memory error. 1 batch memory error. 3 batches; memory error. 1 batch; memory error. 3 batches; memory error. etc. etc. etc.

Well trying to send quite a few billion to SH, as that is not slow enough, this is an issue making my blood go a bit hotter.

Have flushed memory, restarted browser, etc.

Even so it fails _and_  – I do not get why sending RSS should be something that stacks up memory usage in the first place. That is the _only_ thing I'm doing now.


As a second note: input by numbers does not work on input fields for SH RSS. As in one can type number of RSS to be sent to SH, but total selected stay at zero. This makes the slider, input, amount what ever a somewhat  suspect to look at.

Example: Here 9999999… is typed in, but "total selected" is at 0

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17 February, 2019, 4:10 PM UTC

Its not something I have used a lot, but have noticed its either problematic or faulty sometimes.

If you want to send a small amount anywhere its fiddly with the slide (as it is elsewhere in parts of the game), and impossible if the type in box doesnt work.

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