Watchtower discrepancies and lag

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8 January, 2019, 6:07 PM UTC

I was only going to add to my last message about the lag I am finding in the game .

However, since doing all that they advise, and restarting the game I discovered at least one instance of a discrepancy in the watch tower results.

When the list is displayed for all levels(farms),it is showing a farm listed which is not shown when the drop down box is selected to show only level 2 farms.  Edit... it is a level 2 farm.

Of course I do not know how many items or who else is affected by this,and it isnt a big deal game wise, as far as I can tell,but it is indicative of a malfunction, and who knows how many other small items are going unnoticed, that once fixed could make a big difference to all functionality.

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