Will not go into game

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6 December, 2018, 8:48 AM UTC
Did last update on The Lady Debbie acct. but can't not get into the game. But can't get in to play, but shows from my first acct. it was opened.
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6 December, 2018, 3:48 PM UTC

English might not be your first language, you may have used a translator , but what you posted is a little confusing.

First you put this.." but can't not get into the game".which is a double negative,( dificult concept if you do not understand english well ,or understand simple mathematics )

So can you, or cant you get into the game?

Next you say  "but can't get to play" . which would suggest that you cant play , so are you logged in or not?

The last bit would suggest you are playing a double account ,and from the first account  you can see that the "The Lady Debbie acct" is live.( logged in)

Look in your history you may be able to log in using an old link, or do you have the old information?

Try also logging in or out or both .

Try clearing out your old information (clear cache ) and retry as above.

Wait for admin to help you. 

Someone else has asked  a question which seems familiar.  which might indicate there is a problem with the game after updating.

Are you sure you didnt accidentally start another new account ?

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