Сheaters !!!

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9 November, 2018, 11:07 AM UTC

Just now I was somehow attacked with my shield up.    I was teleported away from the Ubers,  and then attacked again by someone bigger than me.  

This was not the first time it happened.  My shield was less than 15 minutes old and this guy was able to hit me and kick me.  

Umbalumba   attacked from 259 x 514  and I was @  258 x 519   MY  SHEILD WAS UP.   I was teleported to 485 x  685  where I was attacked again (this time my shield was gone - he teleported near me @   262 x 504  Clan   Haithabus Erben 

This cost me over $ 65 million in rss - and more than 67k men.  Being only a lever 25 this hurts.   It is wrong and I have been getting screwed over by cheaters a number of times.     


You warned me twice about have bots and getting kicked from the game when I never had them.  This guy is DEFINITELY cheating and I want him barred.  You do too because its not fair.  I just paid $10 today to play and when this kind of thing happens it makes me want to quit.  Which is what I will do if I do not get a response.  PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THIS.  
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9 November, 2018, 11:33 AM UTC


We understand your concern, but we assure you that there are no hacks for the game. We constantly check for cheats available online and none of them work. However, this user will definitely be checked if you provide us with the following information:

  1. The number of the player's Kingdom and the coordinates of their Town or a screenshot of the player's profile;
  2. Screenshots illustrating the rule violation(s).

Thank you in advance!

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9 November, 2018, 10:40 PM UTC

Three members of my clan have told me of similar issues over the last few months. Since I have had it happen before and I also use guard payoffs to check my members shields so I can remind them when they are down to a day or two, I believe them. I instructed them to send in a support ticket and follow through with any instructions, and after lots of frustration, they've each told me that nothing was ever resolved. 

In addition to having shields fail to protect a town for their assigned time periods, I've seen people (again, myself included) lose hundreds of millions of resources in attacks that WERE items in their inventory that magically applied themselves to their available stock.  Since I always keep resources in my bag until I need them for upgrades and I send everything I have on hand to the stronghold before I log out and all my troops to clan members as reinforcements, I don't always worry about my own shield as much as my f2p members, and coming back to find I've lost half a billion worth of resources that I KNOW weren't active in my town has been a source of huge disappointment and frustration. My last message from support on this matter was a couple weeks ago saying that they've identified and fixed the issue and asking me to let them know if there's anything else they can help with - However, they didn't fix anything, according to a friend of mine who had this happen just a few days ago, and they never credited the missing resources back to either of our accounts. 

Saying that there are no hacks in the game tells me that our dearest developers are in a serious state of denial. 
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21 November, 2018, 7:32 AM UTC

If they say there are no working hacks for the game, then they are confessing that it is an internal job

Their administrators are targeting towns with lots of resources because if you have lots of resources you are less likely to buy from the bank!

Would this be a better explanation Plarium??
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27 November, 2018, 7:06 AM UTC

I doubt any real hacker is going to put a how to video on how to hack Vikings on the internet nor is he going to tell people what tools he is using nor the scrips/codes. and i have heard stories of hackers selling game items and rss for a fixed amount of real life money like $10k worth of game items and gold for a few hundred of real life money. Hackers or game employee's. and yes I have heard stories of game employees doing it to, not this game (would not surprise me)  but on a different one that is similar type to Vikings and theses people who make their living off games like this are NOT going to put on the internet how their doing it. Games like this that generates $$$ is like a mecca to the criminal types. its rampant in ALL pay2win games. It attracts them like honey to flies.

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