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Verifying My game progress on Partner's side

Verifying My game progress on Partner's side

Sep 25, 2018, 15:5809/25/18

Verifying My game progress on Partner's side

Hello, I have downloaded this game through a link on  your partner Top Eleven in return of 445 tokens from them. I have been sent a reply from them that you cannot verify my information. I have a castle level 10 in order for them to give me my tokens. I am humbly requesting some one from your team to review this. I have to start your game from scratch and played it for over 2 to 3 weeks and then reached to level 10. Kindly verify my information to them. My face book id is Usman M. My coordinates are X: 304 Y: 351 Hero name is armageddon. Please verify this information to TOP Eleven team and release my tokens their email is  i need my 445 tokens please   email me at my face book id is linked with the game.

Sep 26, 2018, 08:3709/26/18


Thank you for your interest in our game.

If you follow all conditions of the promotion, the reward will be credited after a while. You can receive more detailed information by contacting the Support Team of the game in which the reward for actions in Vikings: War of Clans was assigned. Unfortunately, this issue is not within our control to resolve so we cannot help you. We hope it will be resolved as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your understanding. Have a good day!