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Spam removal and forum change

Spam removal and forum change

Sep 24, 2018, 02:5209/24/18

Spam removal and forum change

Any admins that could delete or implement a spam-category for posts like these:

When I see this kind of issues I seriously consider proposing a "StackExchange" (SE) structure for these forums.

And hey, while we are at it … why not :)

For anyone not familiar with SE you could look here

I have been a active user since the days of early StackOverflow, and the concept is in broad strokes:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Readers vote up / down on question
  3. Users answer question
  4. Readers vote up / down on answer

Opposite a traditional forum answers are listed by votes. It is a Q&A concept, not discussion. Better answers (in general) are listed higher – as they get more votes.

Original poster (OP) has the prerogative to select an answer as "the answer" and this is always pinned at top.

Another big difference from traditional forums is that it is even more a community driven.

  • Users can modify title to make it more relevant
  • Proofread and remove clutter from core text to make it more clear
  • Tag questions/answers as spam or no-answers
  • Propose to delete Q/A
  • etc.

Changes has to be approved by X other members to be applied unless a moderator takes action.

I do not mean you should copy SE. The forum / discussion etc. features has its merits. If there was a pure Q&A section a more strict rule-set could be applied though. Such a section could have a purpose.

But if you gave end users, at least the option, to flag topics/answer as spam, non productive, etc. one would be a long way in the right direction. These flags could again be moderated by trusted users. If enough users approve of for example a spam tag the post is simply deleted / hidden.

Another part of the SE concept is the game like feature. Even though most/a lot of people like to help for the sake of helping, voting in the Q&A also gives points. As a good question and get up-votes, give a good answer and get up-votes - which all count to your over all reputation.

Higher reputation gives you more power when it comes to moderation etc. The gaming concept should at least give you a small bump in heart beat, or?

A loose idea - but hey, give it a thought on how to develop the forums and relevant pages.

PS: another thing about this concept is that you could feature a permanent listing in the forums on "Hot Topics". That is any game any question any answer with hot action in form of votes/answers etc. get listed here. Thus a great way of marketing your other games. For example "Stormfall: Some topic", "Sparta: Another topic", …

OK. This "post" got somewhat thrown off it's original intent. I once started on a novel, but never got yo finish it as Word told me there was no pages left.