Attacking invaders makes app LAG

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12 September, 2018, 9:33 AM UTC

Hey Devs !

Since last updates I notice more and more lags while attacking invaders. Sometimes you click to attack and it takes 30 seconds or more for your hero to begin move. Also, it could take 1 minute before hero energy is updated when you buy some.

Please coorect this bug ASAP, it's really making us crazy when we need to attack some invaders.

Game configuration : playing on PC on, browser Chrome or Firefox, Gigabit internet connection with best-of-the-art ping. No other problems noticed on any website I use.
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12 September, 2018, 9:48 AM UTC


Please note when you login the game, the data is loaded into your PC's memory - that's the game working principle. Every time the application is updated, it takes the part of RAM on your PC. This kind of failure happens in case your PC cannot load the application data due to the lack of RAM or unstable Internet connection. 

Try closing all not used applications and tabs in your browser before launching the game. 

Please follow the link below to find the instruction with possible steps to solve this situation:

Have a nice day!

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