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I think it is about time to change rankings for clans.

I think it is about time to change rankings for clans.

Jul 4, 2018, 12:4807/04/18

I think it is about time to change rankings for clans.

This game has changed a lot since the beginning ... but the rankings have not changed to keep up with all the other changes.  A clan that has only 15B influence is at top rank (League of Odin) and has the same checkpoints for cvc as clans that are way larger. 

Our 5th checkpoint is 18B ... more than our clan influence.  And the 10th checkpoint is 180B.  When your clan is 100B or 200B or 500B that is probably not so much of a problem ... but why should clans with 15B influence have the same checkpoints as clans with so much more influence???
Jul 4, 2018, 14:3407/04/18
Jul 4, 2018, 14:41(edited)

I would agree with you,but this is not something that is a new phenomenon, though maybe hasn't been so  noticeable before if you are in a big successful clan.

As a clan of 1 ( O.K. perhaps I shouldn't be ) I have noticed for a long time now, how unfair, or at best , out of synchronization the targets appear to be.

I used to do quite well in the Rookie league, and though I hadn't advanced that much in influence  found myself in the League of Recruits  where I struggled  to hit many of the targets. 

Of particular note is the Task completion target, where  in the Rookie League I wasn't  even able to reach the third target score. it would be my first target  in the League of Recruits, or something of that order.The problem is magnified when its a clan event.

I am not sure how long it would take me to come up with the exact figures. 

Of course It had always intrigued to me how players managed to get thousands of points in the Task competition.

I did learn about techniques to gain some extra points, but with the free task refreshes you cannot get very far in the levels.

So you can only win  the competitions if you are in a big clan and  possibly burn through them  by purchasing them. 

@  No matter what  level of player you are, you shouldn't have to be obliged to buy Clan refreshers in order to reach the first level of points set.  

Another example.

A personal target in one event is virtually the same amount as a higher clan target clan in the same clan event. 

@ Personal targets should be set lower than the equivalent clan target  especially for  solo players and smaller clans.  

There's also a problem if the clan has a few big players who bump you into a higher league, making it very hard  for everyone to do well.

@ The league  that you are in  should take into account more factors than it appears to do so presently.

Jul 4, 2018, 15:2907/04/18
Jul 4, 2018, 15:30(edited)
For those task events ... you pretty much will not make much checkpoints even using tasks you buy ... everyone I think has the same problem with that event.  And maybe long time ago 15B was a big clan but these days it is not ... it is a pretty little one or well more accurate probably a smaller medium size one ...
Jul 4, 2018, 16:4307/04/18

It was not my intention to imply that you are in a big clan.

Its all a matter of perspective especially as time goes by, and with the addition of the Shaman, as you said, much has changed

Though I do not expect the owners to give rewards away too easily, more equitably would be nice perhaps.

Yes the task completion competition is a bit of a joke.

So are the rest when the targets are unrealistic for some, or others manipulate them to their own advantage, which isn't really acceptable, even for a war game.

Jul 4, 2018, 17:1507/04/18
I agree with the resorting the clans' point system BUT I can't ignore the mention of clan task competition. Of course it's impossibly difficult with a one player clan. Don't route to such arguments, they're self-defeating.
Jul 4, 2018, 19:1907/04/18

The  task completion competition  problem affects  clans of all sizes.

I was agreeing with the argument about adjusting the rankings,  and not trying to divert the argument in a different direction to champion the cause of a one man clan, my one man clan  . 

was  attempting  to illustrate that the problem of the present ranking system effects clans of all sizes.  

Just because I am in a clan of 1 doesn't mean that  I am of no consequence  and cannot voice my opinion.

The personal task completion situation is there irrespective of the size of clan you are in.

As I said before, one shouldn't be obliged to obtain extra refreshes to get the first level asked.

A personal task competition is about to start, and so am able to find the target levels.

I am back in the league of rookies,where the targets are 500, 2500,5000 points.Given the majority with be 5 pt simple tasks, I will with lucky if I make the first 2..

I cannot find out the levels for the next highest league, but I know they will be higher, and I previously struggled with the lowest targets when in the next higher league  after I was promoted there .

Jul 12, 2018, 12:5407/12/18

I rather think the problem is specific to League of Odin.  The clan of which I am a member is in a young Kingdom and has done well up to now in Events.  We achieved a first place recently in CvC.  But we are about to reach the League of Odin and I have been looking at the points required to do well in that League and they are well out of our reach and will remain so for a year or two.  Towns which started two or three months ago cannot expect to compete with towns which started two years ago.

So plarium might consider introducing a new top League.  Or, to preserve the name "League of Odin", to split that League in two leaving the top half in the League of Odin and putting the bottom half into a new League of Freya.

Whether the checkpoint targets for the League of Freya should be lower or the checkpoint targets for the League of Odin should be raised I don't know.  Perhaps raising the checkpoint targets for plarium's best paying customers might be thought a bad idea.  But I suspect that would re-balance the game a bit better than lowering targets for the League of Freya.
Jul 12, 2018, 13:1507/12/18
Yes it is specific to the league of Odin ... currently clans of 15B influence have same checkpoint as any clan higher which could be clans with 500B influence.  And well those checkpoints are pretty hard to get when your clan is only 15B ... a lot of clans fall apart at this point because they cannot make hardly any checkpoints.
Aug 28, 2018, 10:0708/28/18
Aug 28, 2018, 10:13(edited)

This topic is coming up again and there is a thread in general discussion concerning this.  I want to make note that lumping all clans together in the same league (highest league Odin) that are over 15B is promoting that one mega clan is being formed in each kingdom.  A 15B clan has a very hard time meeting many of the checkpoints where as a 200B clan has no problems reaching most all of them.  Since a clan can have a limited number of members it really is causing many people in a kingdom to quit.  I do not suggest allowing even more members into a clan ... I suggest changing the leagues so that 15B influence clans do not have to do as much as a 200B clan to meet checkpoints.

It's nice for smaller groups of people to be able to come together in a clan who have similar interests and not be "forced" into the mega clan by game play demands.  It is becoming harder and harder in the game for this to continue.

Oct 29, 2018, 11:5110/29/18
Many people are starting threads addressing this so I am going to bring this one up also.
Oct 29, 2018, 12:1910/29/18

Here are the suggestions I put forward in another thread a while back for changes to clan league requirements and also to personal leagues:

Maybe we can come up with suggestions as far as what we think would be good ranges for the different ranks.  As I said before as time has gone by for people and clans the amount of influence they have has greatly grown and the league rankings have not changed.  It is also much easier now to grow fast than it was back a couple years ago because of the many additions to the game.

For CLAN rankings (for clan events) I would suggest:

Rookies = up to 1B

Recruits = 1B to 3B

Warriors = 3B to 10B

Conquerors = 10B to 30B

Masters = 30B to 90B

Odin = 90B and above

For PERSONAL rankings (for personal events) I suggest they change them from town level to personal influence because personal influence is much more an indication of what is going on than town level.

Rookies = up to 20M

Recruits = 20M to 100M

Warriors = 100M to 500M

Conquerors = 500M to 2B

Masters = 2B to 10B

Odin = 10B and above

I think these changes would help make the checkpoints more reachable for clans/persons.