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SHAME on the royal clan, or THEFT in the game.

SHAME on the royal clan, or THEFT in the game.

Dec 16, 2021, 15:4012/16/21

SHAME on the royal clan, or THEFT in the game.

 ...the "Battle of Clans" competition has ended and a peaceful period has
come between the competitions – therefore, we, as a weak clan, turn on the
"Siege" in such a period so that strong-rocked players from other
kingdoms could not prevent us from "Growing up", and also so as not
to harm our Kingdom during the competition ... there are only 4 participants in
our clan.  

 but in a peaceful period, there is a Glorious hero from the Royal Clan - and attacks a
weak clan in his Kingdom by storm. Any self-respecting Person, Fighter, Man -
will agree that this is MEANNESS ... and a weak clan has no, well, just NO
protection from the meanness of a SWINGING hero from the Royal Clan - neither
to take revenge, nor to punish, nor to defend itself during its
"Siege" in the period between competitions - period.  

 ... what a Commander, such are his clansmen.

   Meet Kingdom #352 Derrinaysg - Royal Clan (INKSR) Influence Killers  


 This is the commander of the royal clan:  


 And here is a superhero - a sneaky freak - who attacked a weak clan in a peaceful period
between competitions for the "Siege" of the citadel:  




And this is our clan for comparison:


 Is such unpunished rivalry fair?  

 Here. This is on the topic: "SHAME ON THE royal clan..."  

 ... if someone cynically concerned advises: and you don't turn on the
"Siege" - and everything will be OK for you. they say do not provoke
the fragile souls of the players of the royal Clan.  

 Then let me answer him: - listen here, you infantile jerk, and let's not play this game –
and everything will be OK for you.  

 But on the topic: "... or theft in the game."  

 I have already encountered such heroes several times who are swayed, the sea is
knee-deep for them, they alone attack weak clans at the time of the
"siege" of the citadel. What's it? The idea of justice from the
developers? They say that you're moaning, - SWING - and you'll be PEPPER in
EVERYONE's ASS? that's it. We have 4 members in the clan so far, but to turn on the
"siege" you need 1000 "precious dust". Therefore, for
example, I buy precious stones in a Bank for my real Money – an action with
Elite tasks to rat out – and recycle them. This is my Donat.  

 And so by turning on the "Siege" for 1000 units of Precious dust, for Growth in
the clan and completing tasks. We do not interfere with anyone, we do not ask
anyone for anything – we "Fix the primus." And then a Glorious hero
arrives - of course Rocked, and most likely from the royal clan, because he's
damn COOL ... and takes all the "raspberries" ... I call it STEALING
my donation.  

 This is THEFT in the GAME, and it does not matter with whose tacit consent.  

 The above is of course emotions. And now constructive.  

 I propose to the Active Jarl community - to recommend, ask, insist, demand from the
developers and the Administration of the game - to introduce two Technical
prohibitions and one nomination "Clan achievement – "REPUTATION"
into the game."  

 Ban ALL players of the Royal Clan from attacking players in their kingdom during the
period between competitions. Especially the ban on attacking the
"Siege" of the Citadel. The meaning of such a ban is that if you, the
players of the royal clan, have managed to hold the "Place of Power"
with your "talents", then be kind enough to observe Decency,
self-respect, and self-restraint with respect to weaker clans and players of
your kingdom. The technical essence of such a ban is that the player of the
clan holding the "Place of Power" technically could not make attacks
in his kingdom during a peaceful period. Here. 

  A ban on attacking the "siege" of the citadel during the "Battle of
Clans" competition by NON-RIVALS in the "Battle of Clans". The
point is that at the time of the "Battle of Clans" competition, ONLY
specific rivals in the "Battle of Clans" could attack the
"siege" of the Citadel. And then many weak clans will be able to turn
on the "Siege" more actively, and the competition itself will be
really fair ... for example, we don't turn on the "Siege" in the
"Battle of Clans" at all anymore. There is no point - outstanding
swinging heroes from royal clans constantly interfere with the use of royal
bonuses -titles. Here.  

 The nomination "Clan achievement "reputation" ... is included only
for the clan that has at least once been able to hold the "siege" of
the "Place of Power" in its kingdom. The clan achievement
"reputation" should contain at least a "merit table" in
which the commanders of all active clans (with an efficiency of 10,000 and
above) after each royal battle put down "+" or "-" points
to the holder of the Place of Power ... thus determining a positive or negative
"reputation", which adds or reduces ALL bonuses to the participants
of the royal clan until the end of the next royal battle.


 Dear Administration and Developers, please decide - either you encourage the
impunity of swinging superheroes and the indirect theft of donations in the
game – or create tools and periods of protection of the weak from the strong so
that the game acquires "islands" of fair competition. Thanks for

Dec 16, 2021, 16:3212/16/21

but the repression from the royal clan began, for writing about the meanness of a superhero who was inspired to attack a weak citadel, and nothing will happen to him for it!


Dec 17, 2021, 01:5712/17/21

the simple solution is to jump kingdoms, most kingdoms now realize that civil war is anti productive & indeed self destructive.

Dec 17, 2021, 08:3812/17/21

Jumping kingdoms doesn't always help. The gap between massive players and the rest just grows because as highlighted above you need shards to grow but smaller players struggle and seige in between competitions is now the only way. We also have one in our KD who regularly does this too.

Dec 17, 2021, 17:0912/17/21

Silly nonsense.  You do not gain immunity by having less influence.  

Instead of making (very long) and pointless moans you could try withdrawing your troops promptly enough.

Dec 17, 2021, 18:2812/17/21

Silly nonsense.  You do not gain immunity by having less influence.  

Instead of making (very long) and pointless moans you could try withdrawing your troops promptly enough.

I get his point. The person attacking within their kd gains nothing but spoils other peoples game and stops them gaining shards and developing.

Quite often the same people then moan that kingdom battles are lost because there's only them trying.

Dec 18, 2021, 08:1412/18/21

It is not true to say that attacks within a kingdom gain nothing, Blackadder.  There are the kill events, Enemy Hunt at the moment for example, kills  are required to fulfil some quests, kills advance the Gladiator achievement and also some town skins.

Of course an agreed peace in a Kingdom confers far greater benefit and is the basis for cooperative gameplay but that requires diplomacy not an attitude of entitlement.

Dec 18, 2021, 16:4212/18/21

Though it looks like the killing troops in Quests has gone in the terrible update they did. 

It's true that  sometimes there are competitions running that require kills, and it doesn't matter where those kills are obtained.

Often I comes before you, or we. Such is the nature of  life and the game, and many that play it,  

You might try only doing your sieges at quieter times, or maybe when offending players are off line. 

Dec 23, 2021, 07:5412/23/21
Dec 23, 2021, 11:11(edited)

Welcome to the game Vikings.

I've been playing the game for a longer time, but I'm not one of those people who want to get very big very quickly at any cost. But also in my kingdom there have always been players who attack the small towns, not because there are corresponding competitions, but simply because they can do it and they enjoy it.

In some kingdoms there is a peace agreement, there all clans and players can develop well, in other kingdoms few players have their special fun. 

Dec 23, 2021, 10:3212/23/21
Dec 23, 2021, 21:06(edited)

 For my 2c worth: remember that big players need big targets: small players do not provide enough soul shards or rss to meet their needs.  A level 40 player will naturally find anyone above level 35  ( as in your clan ) an attractive target.  And most of the biggest players make an effort to get that big so they can hit smaller players with impunity.

  I learned a long time ago that it is a waste of  resources trying to get big - the opponents you have to compete against just get bigger too, ....  and the only people to win out of that race is Plarium.

Click on the spinning gold challace at the top of your town window to see the oponents you can look forward to facing ...

Dec 23, 2021, 10:3712/23/21
Ivar Marksman

Hi, Арина! Answered you here: 🤗

Ivar, I would like to read your extensive replies but I don't know russian, is it possible for you to give us an english translation please?

Dec 23, 2021, 14:5812/23/21

Ivar, I would like to read your extensive replies but I don't know russian, is it possible for you to give us an english translation please?

Hi pipkin! I forwarded Arina's feedback to our specialists for the further consideration👍

I also kindly recommend you to forward all violations of the In-Game Rules to the Support Team:

Our specialists will surely check the situation and perform the necessary actions😇

Dec 23, 2021, 20:5512/23/21

ok , thank you

Dec 23, 2021, 23:5012/23/21

I see you got a response from Ivar, I have attempted twice to post here and failed, fingers crossed.

 Maybe you already attemped  this yourself.

 I was going to say use an online translation service, but I found it isn't helpful



Jan 1, 2022, 02:5401/01/22

 Arina you are welcome to join the Clan Im in  we Help Each Other To Progress Plus we have  pop And we Have 

Jan 1, 2022, 03:1401/01/22

You now have the option to form alliances with foreign kingdoms. Your solution is this. We have the same problem in Kingdom Norrkullbert #864. I run both a Russian and English clan. I am General Lord Raydon, chieftain of the Mighty Ipman Sun Tzu (Zhu) Clan in Kingdom Norrkullbert #864. You are welcome to form an alliance with us or anyone in this game. Then you should invade your own kingdom and take the place of power to punish your advesaries. Also, stop crying so much as thousands of players in this game have the same problem. Go seek solutions to rid your kingdom of those traitors. There are traitors in every kingdom. We have traitors in our kingdom, too. Right now we need precious dust to help build a 4th level stronghold. So seek allies for your problems and stop relying on your 1 pathetic kingdom!