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Helheim Floor 10 Node 7

Helheim Floor 10 Node 7

Mar 31, 2022, 17:1903/31/22
Mar 31, 2022, 20:02(edited)

Here I am with 9 *  to go, with my own thoughts and questions,thinking there has  been nothing posted here in ages so everyone else must have done it by now.

What you get depends on what you have or haven't already claimed.

However on finishing all nodes with  3 * on a floor, there are the extra boosts and bonuses which vary from  floor to floor, I think  if you actually read it, it explains it exactly in the text in Hellheim.   

Added later.

It might not have been possible to copy and paste  the information here, and would have taken too  long to type it all out , then I had an idea....

Below is the  forum link to the official explanation from the admin staff.

Apr 7, 2022, 18:2104/07/22
Apr 8, 2022, 09:35(edited)

some advice for me  ? i have the most common equipment, but i dont have headband beowulf. i have only the boots.  i try also some different combination but nothing work for me until now

looks like a dead forum

Apr 9, 2022, 11:4104/09/22

Unfortunately it is.

Helheim for most players is old news anyway.

Beowolfs equipment is useful if it is found early enough,otherwise it may not be of much help.

I have no idea what bonuses the headband has, but do know the boots proved useful mostly until a higher level could be forged.

You may have already passed the usefulnesss of his headband, which as has been stated elsewhere, in this thread I think, is not necessary to finish the last node on the last floor.

Luck on what is found in the rooms seems to be important, but I suspect there may be some other reasons.

Most swear by 'if you dodge, and so don't get hit, you have a better chance, and seem to have switched to the female champion, as she has less life, but is this really necessary?

Apr 13, 2022, 01:1504/13/22
Apr 13, 2022, 01:52(edited)

Nothing else doing, so decided to go to Helheim.

Floor 10, node 4 ,still only 2 stars, ran into a chest second room.5 boxes, last one Beowulf's Headband, ( on checking, doesn't seem there's much improvement on Ghostly Veil) so will see if it helps any now.

Weirdly, cleared 20 rooms finishing with 1 health after several rounds against a very strong opponent at this mark.

Wearable at champion 35,so finding earlier should be more beneficial.


Just did only 19 rooms wearing  the headband.

Apr 26, 2022, 07:5204/26/22
Apr 26, 2022, 07:52(edited)

so i have reached level 10 and now i am on node 7..and cant get the 3 stars for the last 3 weeks of playing running it everyday bought some mark of resolve..etc.. etc..then i switch my hero out frustration from female to male..and then booooom!. Good luck everyone.

Apr 27, 2022, 12:4004/27/22

Assuming  you  finished,congratulations.

Is that  all you did?

Or, did you also rearrange skill points? 

Maybe get more from another champion level?

What is your champion level? 

As many might still be interested .

May 2, 2022, 20:0605/02/22

My alt has Champion  level 48 and got 3 stars on node 6 floor 10 quite easily but my main with maxed Champion level 50 just can't get 3 stars on node 6 floor 10. Both Champions have the same gear and same points set up - go figure ? !   (Both are now working on the 3rd star node 7).

May 2, 2022, 23:3605/02/22
May 2, 2022, 23:37(edited)

 Not surprising in some respects, but It occurred to me recently that no one complained about how many runs it took to get the last node on the later floors, and so wondered how comparable they might be. 

Since my previous post, when I was stuck on node 4, I progressed fairly quickly through nodes 4, 5 and 6.Just a few  runs.

 Though I had already got the one star from only a few visits to node 7, I then hit champion 47, and started the campaign for the last hurdle,the second star also dropped quickly and so was optimistic, especially when the gloom were not so highly ranked, but then some runs gave lots of blue,.

My current last run was number15,and after a poor start of 3 blue gloom,it then looked very promising with 2 empty rooms behind me, a green gloom and then another 4 empty rooms in succession, followed by 1 gloom, a chest then another empty  room,unfortunately downhill after that. Mama had to be in the last unentered room.

May 2, 2022, 23:5205/02/22

I kept running out of vitality on node 6 so changed to leather belt and sailed through node 6 for 3 stars.  Didn't work for node 7  though, the extra vitality comes at the cost of less dodge and in node seven  I got hammered twice as often :-(

May 2, 2022, 23:5805/02/22

It is worth persevering though for the 3250% increase in troop number/march boost.

May 3, 2022, 11:3105/03/22

Based on observation I have several theories.

The unofficial helpline has a comment about contacting the postee for the definitive way to get the last node done. 

The trouble is this site is full of suggestions that many blindly follow as gospel,and come unstuck.

Similarly here too ,and in this dilemma ,with the need to get Beowulf gear,and specific reference to a particular set,which may not necessarily be the best.

For a number of reasons, I haven't even switched to the female champion, as is recommended.

I haven't given up, it is still eaarly days for me, and though they may be useful to most,not finding the bonus boosts is not so important for me.

What's your opinion on Soulbane,right hand weapon for Champion level 48.

May 4, 2022, 20:5705/04/22
May 4, 2022, 20:59(edited)


"What's your opinion on Soulbane,right hand weapon for Champion level 48"

For me i found it was worth it,however this wont apply to everyone as 5m runic coins are likely to be better spent elsewhere for other players depending on what you do in the game.

I had been stuck on the last 2 nodes of floor 10 for a long  long time never getting any better than finishing node 6 or 7 with 25% health left no matter what combinations of settings i used,as soon as i brought soulbane i completed both nodes with 3 stars on my first try

May 5, 2022, 22:4905/05/22
May 7, 2022, 11:34(edited)

Sorry - I have been busy with cvc. I do not know anything about the Soul bane sorry (I have never had 5ml runic coins to spend - looks like it was worth it tho ). I went with the recommended Spellbound Flail which seems to have worked for many other people. I and my alt both have 2 stars node 7 and my alt has only just reached lv 49.

May 6, 2022, 13:0805/06/22

What I write here is often for general  rather than specific consumption.

 No need to apologise, I wasn't biting my nails waiting for an answer.

I know myself how dealing with the forum, or other players is distracting, and takes time way from the game which could be critical.

Obviously some one thought 'The season store offer' for Soulbane was worth it.

I had compared its merits with the flail and pondered, for a one purpose use item, with no stated guarantees of outcome,it seemed quite extravagant, but maybe not if you have an abundance of coin.

I would think most of those who might afford it, no longer need it as they have long finished floor 10 node 7.

I think I have some appreciation of the frustration now.

Mixed feelings here.I am not going to benefit much myself, but completing it gets it out the way, but then what else do I do once the goal is no longer there? 

Jun 7, 2022, 01:4506/07/22

Just  completed floor 10  node 7, a bit of an anticlimax really as there is no fanfare, no specialty pop up , only the basic  you have finished the floor with three stars etc.

It was my 67th run, without the usually suggested set up,only ever using Unnar, so to me at least, it shows it is possible, I hadn't even used all my skill points.

Jun 20, 2022, 11:0306/20/22

I have just been going around and around in node 7 again after a break of several weeks and it seems to have got harder instead of easier.???? I can't even repeat the two stars I have !!

Jun 20, 2022, 14:3206/20/22

This setup will beat the last floor, might have to do a few attempts. Done this with 3 accounts already.  



Jun 20, 2022, 21:4306/20/22
Jun 20, 2022, 21:47(edited)

Hi Arnie

Thanks for the info, but is there any chance you could name the equipment for those of us still working our way up? Thanks.

Ps Judging by the fact it's glowing is that Beowulf's headband? If so how do you get any of the Beowulf gear? I have 3 accounts on floor 10 none of which have received any of the Beowulf gear.

Jun 20, 2022, 22:3706/20/22

Thank you. I discovered my alt has the  Beowulf's headband - I have no idea when and how. The other gear is Spellbound Flail, Bewitched Breastplate, Enchanted Trim Belt, Northern Bulwark,  and Durable Boots.

Jun 21, 2022, 00:3506/21/22

The plot thickens - I reset the alt as suggested and with one go left, ie 10th before being locked out, completed the floor ie 2 stars ... so progress. 

My main however, although it has been lv 50 for longer, has 85 less points to spend, ie can't reach 3,000 on Intuition. Even wierder, although it has 26 on Vitality as suggested, the vitality is 57,360 and not 58,459. ????

My alt on its run met  7 oponents and the Boss. My main on each attempt ran into more than 10 oponents and never completed a floor.