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Clan Store, Loyalty points, and Prowess

Clan Store, Loyalty points, and Prowess

Sep 7, 2020, 20:2409/07/20

Clan Store, Loyalty points, and Prowess

Can someone please explain how the Clan Store and Loyalty points works, as far as the leaders saying its too expensive to keep very many of the Clan & Personal Task Refreshers.  How does Prowess work?

My Palace is 35 and my daily quests alone require almost 1.6M Loyalty points spent. I need to buy many Clan Task Refreshers to keep up with the Quest's Loyalty points demands by buying and using more clan refreshers.

The elders say they need more Prowess points to put more of what I want in the store and they are too expensive.

I don't understand it all. 

Sep 8, 2020, 03:0909/08/20
Sep 8, 2020, 03:21(edited)

What they might mean is, the points you put in have to be spent on the whole clan's needs.and you cant get out all what you put in.

Could be, we want to get other things with the clan points ,and we have to decide what to get ,which is fair enough,up to a point,unless the chief and elders are  taking you for a ride,and servicing their personal needs instead,of you and the clan.

Ideally the membership ought to know what the points are being used for,what % is returned to the members ,and what % is spent on the whole clan development etc, otherwise its a blind tax. 

At palace 35 I would have thought you must have been playing long enough to know how the store works.

If not ,to try to clarify.

When you do the tasks, or click help, you collect an equal number of loyalty points and prowess points.

The prowess points are used to put items in the store, which members can buy with the loyalty points.

The clan  leaders cannot spend more prowess points than they have.

The members cannot spend more loyalty points than they have.

If you ask for clan refreshers and they put one in the store,and someone else sees it and gets it first, then that's a problem for you.

Tasks refreshers are quite expensive items and can be wasteful.

It costs the same amount of loyalty points no matter what the members palace level is, but if someone with a low palace level gets it, then it will not benefit the clan as  much as someone who gets the maximum number of tasks.

When it comes to the quests ,you don't have to do them, but  just a carrot to get you to do them, so players will keep going for the rewards and hopefully buy extras from the bank, to keep up with ever increasing demands for more.

Sep 8, 2020, 17:2909/08/20
Sep 8, 2020, 18:16(edited)

Could be that they mean its too expensive from a prowess point of view. I.e. it costs too much to stock them when other things are needed. The prowess points are limited to what you get from Clan tasks. If not enough people do the Clan tasks then the prowess points will lag behind whats needed to keep the store completely stocked. Remember, you have newer members who need shields, Baggi charms, the reloc's etc. If you are using all the Clan tasks that they put in and want/need more then that means there's not enough points left over to stock the things others need. Imo, getting more than a few Clan task refreshers from the store at a time is ....... wasteful. Yes, that means you either have to get them from bank deals or limit yourself to what regenerates for free and/or what you can get from Ubers. I know this will limit some of the tasks you may want to do, but the Clan as a whole comes first.

As Mr. Spock so famously put it "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". 
Sep 9, 2020, 18:2709/09/20
Sep 9, 2020, 18:31(edited)

Popular items in the clan store are Scrolls (needed for Stronghold development) - 2k Prowess Points each to stock; 7day Great Greed items (needed by hyperfarms) - 5k Prowess Points each; and wax seals (needed for the Cannonball achievement) - 75 Prowess Points apiece to stock.  Baggi's charms are replenished w/o any need to expend Prowess Points.

There is a clan purchase history available which shows what items were stocked recently and which jarls bought what items recently but I do not know whether it is open to all members or whether you must be a Chief or Elder to access it.  Click on "Clan Store" and see if the history button is available top right below the banner.

Prowess works by each member earning points as they also earn Loyalty points.  The total across the clan is agregated and is then available for the Chief or an Elder to select for stocking from a catalogue.  The total points used to be shown somewhere (people sometimes thought the agregated total came from their own individual efforts) but I cannot find it so perhaps that feature has gone.

Clan Task refreshers cost 10k Prowess points apiece to stock.

Your expectation that you will always be able to fulfil the "Spend Loyalty Points" quest is misconceived (unless you are a Game of Shopping player and choose to do so with cash).  I keep Loyalty points until I have enough to fulfil a quest once it appears and at my level of Palace I expect to be able to fulfil maybe one in three.  For you it will probably be less than that as you have been in a rush to upgrade your Palace.

You will acquire quite a few Clan refreshers in the course of play - from tasks, from Loki, from Ubers, whatever but not enough always to be able to fulfil the quests.

Most items in the store cost too much for people to buy with their limited number of Loyalty points which has the result that (as Baggi's charms do not diminish the total) in an established clan Prowess points have usually built up to a high number.  My own tiny clan currently has 35.8 million.  So, in the somewhat unlikely event that you stick with the game and with your clan this particular difficulty will probably fade away.

Sep 10, 2020, 10:0909/10/20

For every loyalty point you get the clan will get a prowess point ... so technically if they gave you what you wanted for what you produced YOU WOULD NOT HAVE A PROBLEM ... so seems you need to have another talk with your clan leadership ... I suggest you only get the daily loyalty point quest if you really need it (for higher  level daily quest reward) ...

You could always do a strike and not do any clan tasks and see what is happening ...  and you could always switch clans ... or even more drastic switch kingdoms ...

Next post I will post some other good things to buy with loyalty points ...

Sep 10, 2020, 10:2809/10/20
Baggi charms are unlimited so a clan does not need to spend prowess points on them ...

Yes this is the next post ... but not the one  I going to list good things to buy with loyalty points.

Mar 4, 2021, 14:3503/04/21

I'm very new to the game and play alone at the moment, by my own choice, while I try to figure out all the workings of the game.  My question at this time is how to spend loyalty points?  I don't know where they are stored, so I don't know how many I have and one of the daily tasks is to spend so many of them, but I can't do it because I don't know HOW to spend them, on what and where they are?  Sorry to be so dense, but this kind of thing drives me nuts. 

Mar 4, 2021, 15:2103/04/21

Should also have mentioned that I am trying to buy charms for my shaman but can't seem to find where to buy them.  I've been through every tab in the store and in the bank and there are no listings for charms.  Help would be much appreciated.  

Mar 4, 2021, 17:2603/04/21
Mar 4, 2021, 17:33(edited)

You need the clan store. 

Find the icons at the bottom of the page, you click the clan icon,(this where you find all things clan related) first right, after the center global map link. 

Open the store,the second column is where you spend the prowess points you have. the first is where find the permanent items displayed,and those you send there from the catalogue.

Here you will find Baggi charms ,they are not cheap,12,500 pts.

Think carefully when you buy anything, and take care when using the points, check before you click to accept.

Mar 5, 2021, 19:1303/05/21

Loyalty points are acquired when you are a member of a clan.  

Dec 19, 2023, 15:5512/19/23

Should also have mentioned that I am trying to buy charms for my shaman but can't seem to find where to buy them.  I've been through every tab in the store and in the bank and there are no listings for charms.  Help would be much appreciated.  

SheLion - asJohn said, you need to be a member of a clan before you can earn loyalty points from doing Clan Tasks.

Regarding charms, Baggi charms can be bought in Clan store for loyaly points. For the others you can get them from Events, by killing special types of invaders (Snowkings, turkeys etc ) that are announced throughout the year, usually Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and sometimes in the Season Store with runic coins.

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Help would be much appreciated.  


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