stronghold entry problems

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29 August, 2019, 5:48 PM UTC

One of my elders is unable to gain access to the stronghold screen. When she clicks on it all she gets is a blank screen. None of my other members are having this problem

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30 August, 2019, 2:04 AM UTC

As described it sounds like a problem with the clan mate as its working fine for everyone else.

All though it doesnt work every time the usual tricks are to clean out the device, and restart it, and eliminate all other programs and reload the game.

Failing this the admin team may be able to help,but it make time to do this. which isnt so much a disaster as other things could be.

In the mean time,has she got access to another device that she could use, possbly elsewhere, to try to see if it works on that?

Very useful  as it could shed light on if its the game,the operator, the device, or the connection thats the problem.

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