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is this a cheat or not...? [ during clan war }

is this a cheat or not...? [ during clan war }

Sep 26, 2023, 18:3609/26/23

is this a cheat or not...? [ during clan war }

hi our opponent in clan war has got 270 billion points in each catagorie ...

1 battles in stronghold 

2 killing warriors in stronghold 

3 killing warriors

how is  this possible when we had no warriors in stronghold and no towns in stronghold and we show no battles in clan battles report.. our clan is just 2 players and we both have peace treaty and are in other clans homeland.

Sep 26, 2023, 18:3809/26/23


here is screenshot...

Sep 26, 2023, 22:3809/26/23

This has been encountered many times before.

The reasonyou got dumped on s because, they or an ally held a siege.

Troops produced by the game give points and shards and this is why they initiate one.

 Also catches the unwary.

Sep 27, 2023, 09:2909/27/23

thanks for a reply.. just so i understand you..did you mean the enemy clan held a siege of their stronghold and were attacked by someone else and got points... 

As we didnt attack them i dont understand how they could score points in a clan war.. if this is the case i will quit the game..

Sep 27, 2023, 17:1409/27/23
Sep 27, 2023, 17:15(edited)

Anyone can attack a siege, the game produces the troops,they are plarium troops.

 In order to train higher level troops, and I believe also in other areas of the game, you need soul's just another ruse to part payers from their money ,and appease the players who  spend on anything they introduce, in the misplaced belief this will help them to grow faster than others and zoom up the leader boards.

These players are happy to fight, but do not want to loose many to those they attack.

The siege is one option of getting the shards, and  yes get points against the enemy in any  event where they are needed.

I guess you will be leaving the game. 

Sep 29, 2023, 10:5909/29/23

Sieges tend to be decisive in Clan Battles.  As you saw, a clan defending a siege scores points in three of the seven categories (holding an enemy PoP being out of reach for most).

When your opponents activated a siege the game sent a series of marches to attack their stronghold.  Your opponents put troops into their stronghold and battles took place in which the attacking Jotunn marches killed some of your opponents troops and their troops killed some of the attacking troops.  Your opponents scored points (and gained soul shards) for each attacker killed.

That you and your clanmate took no part in the battles does not matter.

To activate a siege a clan needs to have built a Tower of Odin in their stronghold.  Once built the Tower can be developed through a total of (currently) six levels.  At level one the number of Jotunn marches sent and the number and strength of the troops in the marches is lower and by level six the marches are more numerous with many more and stronger troops included.

As matters stand, when you see the draw for each CvC look at the figure on the top right of the opponents' clan's details.  If the figure is 4 or above you will encounter a siege and can know in advance that your chance to win is minimal.

What you need to do is to develop a strategy.  One approach at your present level is for you and your clanmate to reduce your clan's influence as low as you can.  This will match you with less well developed opponents and your chance that the opponents have not yet advanced their SH to level 4 and built a Tower of Odin is better.

Alternatively you might prioritize developing your SH to level 4, build a Tower of Odin and advance it.  This will only make sense if you have strong enough troops to defend well against the Jotunn marches.  You will certainly need a well developed hero, a set of legendary Ubba gear, a well developed Raine the Wanderer and legendary gear for him.

It turns out that there is something of a tightrope to walk.  You want to have a Tower which generates at least as many Jotunn marches as your opponents - but developing the Tower of Odin faster than your clan's ability to fight well in the siege is a mistake. 

Keeping influence down and being cautious about each Tower of Odin advance is the way to go.

All this has an additional significance.  Defending sieges is by far the easiest way to acquire soul shards and soul shards turn out to be critical for all development in the late middle game.  It will be some time before you reach that point but developing a good strategy now will pay dividends later.

Good luck.

Oct 3, 2023, 18:0810/03/23

thanks a lot John that has explained everything perfectly... 

Oct 4, 2023, 06:2210/04/23

I will add a point.

The ability to form an alliance with another clan has expanded the strategic opportunities.  This is because when a clan sends troops to help defend an ally's stronghold in a siege, points are scored in that clan's CvC.

There are quite a variety of approaches depending on the circumstances of the two clans.  In your situation if it is likely to be some time before you are ready to build and develop a Tower of Odin it makes good sense for you to ally with a powerful clan in your kingdom who is content for you to send just a few troops to participate in their sieges.  In a Clans Battle where your opponent does not have a Tower of Odin (nor an ally with one) you can win three categories simply by sending a few hundred troops to the ally's siege and scoring a handful of points.

If there is no powerful clan willing to ally with you look for weak clans which nevertheless, at some point in their history, have built a Tower of Odin.

So click on "Clans" and "List of Clans" and have a look about your kingdom to see which clans do not currently have an ally and see if an alliance might expand your siege opportunities.

Oct 13, 2023, 22:0110/13/23

If his opponent is scoring that much,shouldn't he know all this by now?