Overpowered Player in New Kingdom

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7 July, 2019, 6:40 PM UTC

Kingdom 815 is less than a day old but i see a player who already has a legendary set of armor. He is level 21 with a level 50 Hero. The one piece in question is the Sigurd's Hood which can only be crafted in a Stronghold which no one even owns yet? How is it possible that this can even happen?

To top it off it says he has played for a grand total of 1 day yet i have seen him wear 8 different pieces of Legendary gear? He owns the PoP obviously because he can take on the entire kingdom by himself...
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7 July, 2019, 7:25 PM UTC

This is because of the messed up system of how they run the game with respect to people who have just joined the game, are interested in it, but have never played it previously , possibly never played this type of game either.

He will have played before, and will have had the account,many months, maybe years, he will have been part of a strong clan that had access to a well developed strong hold, and will have been collecting all manner of things  just to do what hes done, jump with a novice jump  to a new kingdom, solely to take it over. 

The person in question would make an ideal ally or teacher if you could get in his clan.

I am guessing that you cant, and even if you can, you may soon find yourself thrown out, when you cannot keep up with the required professional standard

Enough said.

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