please change matchmaking

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9 June, 2019, 7:52 AM UTC


please change the matchmaking of KVK, CVC and special Fury.

At the moment only the points of influence are use for the matchmaking. And it count all players in the kingdom.

Only the active players should count. Players who are off since 4weeks must not count.

And than the number of active players must go in the matchmaking too.

At the moment only the kingdom who had the most active players win.

If they not win than the kingdom with the most big influence players win.

So the differnet between the kingdoms will grow more and more special since Fury.

You will get more and more dead kingdoms.
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9 June, 2019, 8:27 PM UTC

You may be right ,my main beef agrees with your last point.

The problem is worse than with the level 7 tiles when they were only in the forest.

Now the fast tiles are everywhere, the big players move from the forest to where the players who are less developed are, and hog the  level 8  and 9 tiles.

Yes its a war game,and the big players may have done the lions share, but its a kingdom event ,and everyone should have a share of the success.

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12 June, 2019, 2:56 PM UTC

the biggest  problem is the matchmaking in the fury events !!!

it provides the best bonus to the kingdoms with only one dominant clan , because if they are matched against an normally shared

populated kd with 2 bigger clans and for example 2 medicore clans, they can easily take out towers 1-2 level higher then the other

kd. and thats most what matters in fury events.

an possible solution would be to make kd os possible for fury events, or at least os for more then one clan
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6 August, 2019, 8:54 AM UTC


weeks gone and no change from Plarium.

Matchmaking is very bad. Only look to inluence not on active players.

At the last Fury we make P2 but the winner had 6-7 times more points than we. At the last where we make the P2 was the same.

That is not normal and not fair.

A change where good when all P1 must play against P1 and all P2 against P2 and so on.

Or simply look at the active players and influence in the kingdoms. Than make the matches.

At the moment we fight in CVC against a winner kingdom. After 1,5 days they had no 9 level tiles. We had some 8 level tiles after 3 days.

There you can see that they have much more active players in the kingdom.

I mean when players inactive since 4-8 weeks they should not count.

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6 August, 2019, 3:04 PM UTC

This competition is very much like all the other competitions they run.

They are not going to change things  just because someone mentions it,and then does so again.

They probably may not even does so even if they are swamped with the same multiple requests,unless, firstly they want to, and secondly its easy to do.  

Fury probably hasn't been running long enough to do as you suggest, and draw all winners against each other and  likewise all second placed.Is that even fair ? 

Also as you cant clear all your level 8 tiles,why would you need to win to get level 9 instead, yes there is the other reward but would you be able to take full advantage of the 30% rather than to 10% boosts? 

Other kingdoms may or not be as active as yours , or it could be just that they are more organised .

I take  your point  that they probably already know or suspect who is going to get the top two places, and this  being the case,would be unfair on those  kingdoms who have no chance at all.

Though I can see  the mystery of not posting the scores during the battle, I wonder if the main reason they don't is, because they know the "also ran", would give up trying.

Like yourselves, even the second placed kingdom might think,the first placed team is so far ahead, why bother? 

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10 August, 2019, 9:04 PM UTC


why the first place team are so far away?? I write it, because of this stupid matchmaking.

Like in all Events.

It win only the kingdom, or the clan who have the most active players and important the biggest players with the most money.

But it seems that Plarium find enough player who spend 100 or more EURO every month.

Not with me, this is only simple browser game.  For this is 100 EURO in a year much.

But at the other side it is ok. I have so more time at the weekend when a KVK or Fury is not a chance to win. Same in cvc.

And do not forgot the stupid Jothunheim or it call is only for money players.

At the beginning from Vikings the game make fun but now it goes more and more bad.

From the updates the most are only for money players.

From the last the mini Map is good, that must I say. Thanks for that.

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20 August, 2019, 9:50 AM UTC

I wish I knew how opponents are picked. We are up against a clan with an average influence of 23.8 bn/ member while we average 11.2 bn/member.

This game used to be about fighting and farming but now seems to be about who can train the most t7 troops.

The new 2500% troop speed boost is too much. No chance to react.

On the plus side, I like the new mini map.
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