Game Upgrade Suggestions

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15 April, 2019, 7:13 PM UTC

1.  Most players only develop 1 troop type ± scouts. More players would be inclined to develop additional troop types if Lynx gear were updated to higher specs. Better total troop defensive gear might be called "Cave Bear" or something.

2. There are too many scout trap players. Scout Onslaught should be introduced to force scout trap players to increase knowledge and scout army size.

3. It appears that a significant number of low influence players (around town level 24 to 26) use some kind of automated tile attack and shield software or macro making it impossible to counter them. I propose that any attack on a tile or town (excluding joining an onslaught) prevents re-shielding until attacking troops have returned to the town. This would render automated attackers vulnerable for several seconds enabling the opportunity for counter attacks.

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