crappy bank offers

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18 March, 2019, 4:38 AM UTC
We were hoping for some St Patricks day good bank offers but didn't get them.  With so many things needing so ridiculously and obscene building times, one would think they would give out some better offers on holidays.
Kitzen Frazer ~Chief, Capital Punishment Clan Morkistad Kingdom #480
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18 March, 2019, 3:01 PM UTC this last week  Crappy Bank Offers, system glitches since the latest updates, Game crashes all weekend because of the updates.  Constant maintenance because of the updates........Nice Town decorations BTW..... No leprakings or special ubers.   Two new events,  one which is just  daft (YOU know which one! lol )   and the other that will probably also result in game crashes and glitches   later this week.  But biggest crime is  the bank offers,  its halloween all over again .

...........Need to remind myself why I still play .......Back to the land of PS4 perhaps. ....Did I miss anything ??  :)

I was playing Vikings  last St Patricks day and it was much better/generous  than this.......

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