the game is absolutely unplayable.

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10 February, 2019, 3:33 AM UTC

The game requires too much money for what it is. After a year, I've invested so much in the game and can not play normally anymore. I would really be interested in there are actually people who spend more than 1000 € per year for a game, because as some push thier towns so much enfluence within a short time, they have to spend (my calculations) for more like 1000 € within 3 months. I see thousands of players like that, there is definitely something lazy about the game, and so the game is never playable for free and the worst game ever. The banned account were probably unlocked again and so I can only say yes rewards the fraudsters, and thanks that I have honestly paid everything and for me is now the game absolutely unplayable.

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10 February, 2019, 9:43 AM UTC


you are right!

The game goes more and more expensiver. The offers are bad. And Mega Offers will not come anymore. (wait now 15 weeks!)

I see it too that some jarls must spent so much money. But I not believe that all pay realy so much for it. I mean they get much better offers or hack!!

I write it in an other tread too, too spend more than 10-20EUR a month (120-240EUR/year)  is in my eyes stupid for a browser game.

But all can do what they want. But this jarls cry why the kingdoms are die! And it is so boring.

The main problem is that no one from Plarium play this game!!

If they do they would see that problems. Offers which are jokes and too expensive. Building and research time are too high. too less talismane taht you can get in events. No neutral talismane too win or buy. And so on...

Crahes, bugs.....

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17 February, 2019, 9:34 AM UTC

This game is a pay to win game, everyone knows that.

A good example of a pay to win game was diablo 3. The game Diablo has a very long history, and when it came out as a pay-to-win, it lost a lot of fans. At the moment there are very few good strategies in the market. Strategy fans have not been getting good games for years. Viking's War Of Clans makes a very good impression. I would like to make a proposal to reconsider the payment system of the game and as in most other free to play games, so that players spend their money on beautification, for example, nicer houses, new skins for cities. Other suggestion special booster to explore build for the fight, so that these give benefits, but not extreme. So that the game remains playable as a free to play game and attracts many new fans for a long time. Stop the Pay to Win, win new fans, more fun and more standing. Thank you

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