BETA Testing when will it be over ?

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1 December, 2018, 12:55 AM UTC
unshielded towns that cant be attacked because they have a shield ?  Ghost tiles that cant be farmed because it no longer exisits  at the location yet it is there ? Cookies is not giving me a better gameing exsperiance or is it ? so when will this game be out of Beta Testing you people rake in cash and give us this DOS game to dump money into? what about the inoperative gifting option been waiting over a year to see that light up but instead my town blinks for why? there are more and more new kingdoms with players joining only to leave the game after completeing the requierd circus tricks to get into another game never to return here completely littering the landscape and there are dead towns in every kingdom some over a 100 wks yet there they are waisting realistate? when are you going to clean it up let me guess when you can think how to charge us for it ? anything that is updated on this game only cost us money to get. Dont bother with send us a screenshot my hole clan is exsperiancing this and it wouldnt help fix the problem anyways clear cache reboot the problem is always on my end. Oh ya your customer service SUCKS! to and i am getting tierd of the same old same old. Pitter patter lets get at er SMH
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1 December, 2018, 2:25 AM UTC
Is this issue still a concern Jarl ?   LMAO !!!!   Agreed 100%  Get it done, ive already spent another house payment on this game as it is.
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2 December, 2018, 8:38 AM UTC

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