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1 November, 2018, 9:44 PM UTC


why we not get in the game talismane?

It is very hard to grow the shamane that you need.

The offers are very rare for the talismane that you want. And than they are too expensive. Special in the offers between the 8 weeks waiting.

In game events to get Talismane are difficult too. We have 8 shamane. In the event kill ghost which goes a week is only one of them.

And this event comes not often.

The Uber pumpins give me the most time talismane what i not need.

By the way for Baggi you get nowhere talismane in the events!

To reach level 2 or 3 it goes but over that it is too hard.

I write it more time, why we can not have talismane which use for all shamane????

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