Game triggers vs bank

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26 October, 2018, 9:42 AM UTC

Are there inbuilt triggers in game that lets you get better offers from bank 

A friend has never seen the 10m gold pack on any of his accounts 

Im thinking he hasnt done something in his game to make the bank think he needs the gold 

He is 10b influ and never seen 10m gold offer 

Why why

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26 October, 2018, 1:49 PM UTC

If you search the forum you will find lots of posts about the bank offers.

There are not  any actual facts on how the bank system works,only ideas based on players experience. 

and  It would seem that you get better offers if you have a higher palace level and if you do not continuosly buy the cheap offers.

Maybe others will post again about their present experience ,because we know that the system changes, they add things and take things out, like troops  for example.


Often when people say my friend, they really mean me.

If you are really two different people, and you have seen the big gold offer. why not get your friend to do what you have done and see if that helps?

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11 May, 2019, 4:13 AM UTC

Yer i cant explain it 

But he eventually got the bigger mega deals 

But it did take awhile and no one really knows why still 

Oh he was bigger than me in the game also 

So it is really strange 
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11 May, 2019, 8:45 PM UTC
Yeah I think they are designed to simply make you spend more money. I am doing an experiment to see if I can get better pricing but I do not have high hopes. Trying to force me to spend over a hundred because I would spend about 70 earlier is not goung to work. I say force necause that would be comparable spending to buy the same versions of packs.
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