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26 September, 2018, 11:22 AM UTC

If you've done any yielding in the game it's pretty clear that some resources are gathered faster than others, with gold of course being the slowest. Since there are specific skills that can speed up your gold yielding if you choose to invest such time, my question is aimed towards the others. Do any of the skills or knowledge upgrades affect specific resource types? 

Part 2: One may assume that "Resource yielding speed" applies to all kinds, but since food seems to be gathered the fastest, I'm wondering if this is due to any learned skill or if it is somehow related to the capacity. A given number of troops can carry more food than silver, for example, so if it is related to capacity would it then mean that a small number of high capacity troops would gather at a faster rate than a larger number of different troops collecting the same amount? Or.. Is there just a base number per hour assigned to each of the five main resources?

 I hope that makes sense. :/ Also, sorry there's multiple questions kinda rolled up in there. A couple notes.. I understand that during certain events, less is more when it comes to the number of troops on a tile for safety, but I want to know if there's other advantages of using siege troops for their high capacity instead of horsemen for their faster marching speed as an example. This is all to do with yielding stats without effectual equipment, btw.

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26 September, 2018, 2:22 PM UTC

This situation is a source of confusion, and from conversations I have read,remains so for a lot of players. 

There are several ways to look at it and I think  that is why the difficulty arises.If you search the net, you will find some articles which may or may not help, if my explanation doesn't.

There are many ways,to increase your yielding speed, but there is only one specific piece of equipment that will increase the gold yielding speed, I think its left over from a time when gold was more difficult to come buy.

I once set up my hero skills  and bonuses to minimise the amount of time it took to yield gold, and as you might have found, its still incredibly slow to yield gold. 

Back to the other resources.

Two thoughts are,how quickly does the tile empty, and how many resources you acquire in a given time or march.


Level  1 tiles are the slowest and level 7 tiles the fastest, so its generally the best to yield from the highest level tiles available .

Level 1 troops will get you to a tile quicker, but wont carry as much,but wont cost you as much in losses if you get tile hit. 

NO:What limits  what you can get from a tile, is the number of troops you can send, those that carry the least are the fastest to get there and back, those that carry the most are the slowest there and back.

The more time you spend on an unshielded tile, the greater the risk.


Potentially  the hardest part to get your head around is, that what ever the resource is, tiles at the same level will completely empty in exactly the same time. 

However, because the tiles contain different amounts of resources some appear to be faster,when they really are not.

What it is true to say is, if its the total number of resources you are interested in then. the order of tiles for fastest accumulation is

 FOOD, LUMBER AND STONE (identical) finally IRON,

 SILVER is a special case,at any level,each silver tile has the least amount of resources, so you accumulate numbers slowest,which is why you normally get double points for this resource.

Look at 

Hero and Shaman skill trees.


Gems and runes.

Bonuses for troop capacity and marching speed. 

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26 September, 2018, 5:15 PM UTC
Food is yielded at the fastest speed I have tested this with a full level 6 invaders lair with 3.5m food in it, Food is yielded 20% faster than stone and Lumber if you were to completely empty 3 level 6 invaders lairs with 3.5m of Lumber, Stone, and food, The 3.5m food would be yielded 20% faster than the 3.5m of Lumber and Stone would be. Iron is yielded 25% slower than Stone and Lumber and Silver is yielded 50% slower than Stone and Lumber. Hope this helps.
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