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Official Forum Rules

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20 January, 2017, 2:53 PM UTC

Welcome to the official forum of Vikings: War of Clans!

Here you can share information about the game, learn the latest news, share your game-related content, communicate with other players and find answers to your questions.

Please note:

By registering on the forum, you automatically agree to abide by the following rules. Please read the following statements thoroughly, as ignorance of the forum rules will not be accepted as an excuse in the event of a violation.

General rules

Any posts using inappropriate/offensive language or comments will be deleted. There may be examples that do not fit into any of these categories. We reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case-by-case basis.

Comments deemed unacceptable include those that:

1. threaten violence in any capacity that is not related to the game.
2. contain personal attacks, inappropriate language, disorderly conduct.
3. diminish the dignity of other players, groups of people or minority communities (implicitly or explicitly).
4. are racist or promote ethnic or national hatred.
5. contain a negative opinion on religion or religious figures.
6. contain mentions of any illegal activities including software piracy and other intellectual property violations.
7. are off-topic.
8. contain clear or hidden advertisement of other projects.
9. contain spam or trolling of users or administrators of the project.
10. contain links to external resources.
11. contain information on selling resources, items or services for real or virtual currency, as well as any other ways of financial benefit or improving of game positions not related to the game features.

Moderation rules:

1. Moderators have the right to delete and edit posts, comments and images posted by users at their own discretion.
2. Organization and rules of contests as well as the prize fund are set and regulated by the forum administration.
3. In some cases the moderators reserve the right to change contest terms and conditions, as well as any offered prize or compensation.
4. Any user who violates forum or contest rules may be excluded from participating at the moderator’s discretion.
5. Moderators bear no responsibility for glitches or breaks in communication lines or any other such failures, including problems with devices that users use to connect to the Internet.
6. Moderators do not bear any responsibility for the actions of other forum participants regarding other users.
7. Moderators reserve the right to delete or archive a topic that is inactive for more than 14 days.

Violations of terms of use

Posts of any content violating the rules mentioned above are subject to immediate deletion without warning. If you continue to violate the rules, the moderators have the right to block your access to the forum for a period determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the severity of the violation.

Any of the following violations may result in a lifetime ban.

Only the forum administration has the right to decide if your content or actions violate the forum rules.

Violations and penalties

When registering on the forum, the player confirms that they agree to all abide by all the rules. In case of a rule violation, access to the forum and/or the game will be blocked. The decision to block access is made by the forum administration and is not subject to any appeal. The moderators reserve the right to alter and expand the existing rules.

The following actions are prohibited:

1. Arguing with the forum administration and discussing their actions; criticizing the moderators and the game developers unconstructively.
2. Criticizing and discussing the forum rules.
3. Threats, name-calling, explicit language towards other users and the forum administration.
4. Posting messages inciting or promoting racial, religious, ethnic hatred, promoting crimes, violence, drugs, weapons, containing advice, instructions or guides on criminal activities, including fraud.
5. Disseminating pornographic materials, sexually explicit scenes, images of inappropriate gestures and movements.
6. Disseminating in-game currency and accounts.
7. Using avatars of the forum administration members as well as their names and nicknames.
8. Posting advertising content of any kind.
9. Flaming, spamming, flooding and posting off-topic (irrelevant) messages of any kind as well as duplicate messages.

10. Posting messages and using images inciting or promoting racial, religious, or ethnic hatred, promoting crimes, violence, drugs, or weapons, containing advice, instructions, or guides on criminal activities, including fraud.

Principles of application of penalties:

1. All posts containing violations must be deleted or edited.
2. The moderator reserves the right to select the severity of the penalty according to the rules of this guide.

Ban procedure:

1. The rule violator is added to the forum’s blacklist via the special form.
2. The ban reason is sent to the violator via private message.
3. The ban reason message contains the rule(s) violated by the user and a link to a screenshot of the post in question. The moderator can add a comment.

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