Revive Your Troops For A Special 75 percent Discount!

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General T. Winters
31 July, 2015, 8:03 AM UTC

Today Only! Revive Your Troops For A Special 75% Discount! From August 1st at 08:00 UTC until August 2nd at 08:00 UTC!


It’s your lucky day, because for the next 24 hours you can revive fallen Troops for a special price!

Today only, your Troops can be revived for 75% off their full hiring price!

One thing the Wasteland has taught me, Commander, is that once a pretty little offer like this one rears its head, you had better snap it up before it disappears! Revive your forces, take revenge on your enemies, and achieve total domination!

Offer starts: August 1st at 08:00 UTC

Offer ends: August 2nd at 08:00 UTC



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