New PvP Championship is about to kick off!

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5 May, 2017, 10:26 AM UTC

May Madness PvP Championship

Commander, a new PvP Championship is about to kick off! Don’t miss your chance to take part and go home a winner!

The PvP Championship pits you against Commanders from across the Wasteland! It doesn’t matter whether you choose to target old enemies or new opponents - the more rival troops you destroy, the more Points you will get, and the bigger your Rewards will be!

The PvP Championship is divided into five Heats, open to all players - regardless of their level! While each Heat is more difficult to compete in than the last, each also offers greater Rewards!

Players have the ability to take part in up to three Heats at a time, making your chances of coming away with Rewards even better!

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