Harvest Week PvP!

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24 November, 2016, 12:04 PM UTC

Harvest Week PvP!

Your enemies are constantly developing their Sectors, trying to gain an advantage. But sometimes developing your Sector isn't enough. Battle other Commanders to get Tournament Points. Their terror will be your Reward! The more enemy troops you take down, the more Points you'll get. Those who succeed will get eye-popping rewards!

If you place in the top of the Rankings, you'll get an additional prize upon Tournament completion!

Your Clan is able to participate in this Tournament. The Points your Clanmates collect will be displayed on the progress bar. The more Points your Clan earns, the higher the Milestone you will reach and, accordingly, the greater your Rewards! Inspire your Clanmates to get the most out of this Tournament!

Leave a comment if you are ready to destroy your enemies!

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