XP Exhibition: Harvest Edition!

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21 November, 2016, 12:04 PM UTC

XP Exhibition: Harvest Edition!

Explore the Wasteland and gain Experience for in-game tasks. Doesn't matter how you earn it - only that you earn a lot of it! Show off your battle skills, take strides to develop your Sector or amaze other Commanders with breakthroughs in Technology. It's all fair game in this Tournament! You'll get one Tournament Point per Experience Point gained. As you grow, so will your rewards!

Be advised: Mercenary Operations are the one exception; they won't count for Tournament Points.

This Tournament is intended for Clans only. Upon the completion of the Tournament, all Clanmates who participated will get the Clan Reward. The more points your Clan scores collectively, the better the prize! Urge your Clanmates to contribute to get the most out of this Tournament!

If your Clan places in the top of the Rankings, all participating Clanmates will get additional prizes upon Tournament completion!

Leave a comment if you are proud of your Clan!

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