Update News!

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General T. Winters
9 November, 2016, 5:47 PM UTC

Update News!

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This week, we’ve fixed some bugs and made some important updates:

- As of this moment, all Troops at Emitters will return directly to your Bunker once they have finished their operation. It doesn't matter whether they succeeded and you called them back or they failed – in either case your Troops will be secured safely inside your Bunker immediately upon arrival.

- You are now able to dispatch Recon Troops if you have Recon or Total Protection currently activated without your Protection being cancelled. Now stay protected while reconning as many rival Commanders as you want!

- Discount Generator fixed: all Discounts received for Defensive Buildings and Sector Improvements are now working correctly.

- The speed of Troops heading to and from Tapsites has been increased significantly! With this change, Tapsites across the Wasteland will be claimed faster! Get a move on, Commander!

Enough chatter - we've business to take care of! Our intelligence operatives have picked up signs of Mutants on their surveillance channels. There's no time to waste - we need to move quickly.

Ready your troops and move out!



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