Wasteland Games Event!

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4 August, 2016, 9:52 AM UTC

Coming up in the Wasteland Games Event:

Clan XP Exhibition – This incredible 17 day long Tournament offers a variety of ways to earn XP, making it easier than ever to win massive Rewards! In the Clan XP Exhibition everything you do helps your Clan. The more XP you earn, the more Points your Clan gets!

PvP and Infestation Championships – Special Championship versions of the Enemy Troop Takedown and Infestation Extermination Tournaments. Get more Rewards with three PvP and three Infestation Championships, one of each for every weekend of the Event. Each Championship is 48 hours long and divided into five Heats – giving you more opportunities to win than ever before!

Upgrade Challenge - Get huge Rewards in this extra special 3-day Tournament! Construct Buildings, develop your Sector, and Research and Upgrade Technologies to earn Points.

Clan HQ Showdown – For 3 days, you can get Tournament Points by upgrading your own Clan’s HQ - or downgrading the Clan HQs of rival Clans.

Special Wasteland Games Offers and Discounts - These offers will be taking place throughout the Event, so keep an eye on the Events window so you don’t miss out! 

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