Explosive New Updates On Serums!

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16 December, 2015, 4:57 PM UTC

Explosive New Updates On Serums!


The rules governing Serums have been updated! Your Genetics Lab is now upgradable! From here out, upgrade your Genetics Lab to use higher level Serums. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the importance of these upgrades, Commander; they’re necessary in order to use higher level Serums.

Need I remind you, Serums provide many benefits to your armies. With the proper Serums you can boost the statistics of your offensive and your defensive troops, giving you a leg up over the competition in battle! The higher the level of the Serums you have, the better your troops will perform. The better your troops perform, the better the bonuses you receive!

Closed Activation Slots may be unlocked with the help of a Centrifuge. These may be purchased at the Black Market or acquired at the Daily Duty Roster.

Upgrade your Genetics Lab, use Serums to boost your troops, acquire Centrifuges, and dominate the Wasteland!

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