Massive Hospital Improvements!

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General T. Winters
11 September, 2015, 10:48 AM UTC

Massive Hospital Improvements!  Revive Even More Troops For FREE!



Thanks to recent breakthroughs in medical science, the Hospital has received a massive upgrade!

From now on, all Commanders can Revive up to 30% of their fallen Troops for FREE! Don't have a Hospital yet? Then build one - there's no time like the present! From the Hospital, you can freely Revive up to 30% of Units lost in the defense of your Sector.

A Level 1 Hospital will allow you to Revive 6% of Troops lost in the defense of your Sector for FREE. Each time you upgrade the Hospital, you will increase the number of Troops you can freely restore by 2%, up to a maximum of 30%. Keep in mind that you may only use the Hospital to Revive Troops lost in the defense of your Sector. If you need to Revive Troops lost outside of your Sector, you may do so at the Black Market with Crystals.

Build or Upgrade your Hospital now to Revive more soldiers than ever before!



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