Technologies for Dummies.

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18 April, 2016, 7:15 AM UTC

Technologies are researched to unlock new units and buildings that helps us to dominate the wasteland. I would classify these technologies into 

1) Building Techs:

Building techs are required to unlock new buildings. These tech have only 1 level and cannot be upgraded (However the buildings can be upgraded through Construction)

Some of the Building Techs and their uses are:

Artificial Intellligence - Command centre

Battle Formation - Parade Ground

Transportation - Trade Gateway

Efficiency - Trade Center

Logistical Center - Transport Center

War Economy - Financial Center

Automated Production - Ore Refinery

Isotope Separation - Breeder Reactor

2) Unit Techs:

Unit Techs are required to produce new war units. These techs have 20 levels and can be upgraded using Resources. Upgrading them to higher levels will increase the Offensive and Defensive values of these units.

3) Special Techs:

Some of the special mentions are:

Microbiotic drill – Neither a building nor a unit tech, used to upgrade the mining speed of all units in tapsites. Needs protocrystals for upgrading in higher levels.

Perimeter techs – Building tech used to build defense structures like walls,towers etc. Upgraded in Separate techs.

Replication – Both a building and Unit tech. Upgrading will boost only the unit not the building

Myomere Fiber, Neural Gas, Molecular memory, Trinary Logic – Special in the way of obtaining the tech modules (Explained Later*).

The Tech tree gives a brief idea about which techs are pre-requisite to research a particular tech. Eventhough resources are required to research technologies, the knowledge of these techs are derived from what we call “Tech Modules”.

Ways of Obtaining Tech modules:

1) Daily Free Modules by Login

2) Friends help in research center

3) Friends Gifting (limited to 2 per day)

4) Trading Unwanted tech for a necessary tech

5) In Black market, using crystals

*Some modules can only be obtained using protocrystals that can be won through tournaments (May be explained in a separate guide).

Note that, unwanted tech mods can also be sold for resources (Which is not highly recommended).

Lower level techs require 2, 4 or 8 mods to research them while higher levels tech will require upto 24 tech mods to research them.

More points to note:

• Once researched, these tech mods are consumed and hence cannot be sent to friends later.

• Upgrading techs to Higher level requires increasing amount of Resources and time.

• Researching More Advanced Technologies also requires more resources and more time to research them.

• The tech mods are numbered and so duplicated mods are useless and needs to be replaced with missing mods via trade.

Use the guide to your advantage and dominate the wasteland commanders. 


18 Apr 2016 - Guide Created.

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18 April, 2016, 12:45 PM UTC

Thank you for this guide! 

I'm sure that a lot of players would appreciate it. And I hope to see more guides from you in the future
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