Emitters and Antigen

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13 April, 2016, 6:52 PM UTC


In order to participate in emitter battles, a commander must first join a clan.  The easiest way

to see the emitter layout is using the 100x map.  

The primary purpose of emitters is clan ranking.  A clan's ranking is determined mostly by

the number and level of emitters it controls.  Emitters start at level 1, and a clan can upgrade them

up to level 5 using resources or crystals.  In addition to increasing the amount of rank gained from

the emitter, leveling it up also provides a boost to the defense of all the troops in the emitter.  This

boost adds 5% to the troops base stats for each level, up to a maximum of 25% at level 5.  

One of the most important factors in holding an emitter is coordination.  An emitter,

especially one at level 5, is a valuable prize, and clan members must work together to successfully

defend it. When attacking an emitter, up to 3 commanders can combine their troops into a single

joint attack.  This means that a clan must expect their emitter to come under heavy fire.  However,

there is a limit to the size of an attack that can be sent at an emitter, known as the force limit.

The force limit sets a maximum of 100,000 force per attack.  A standard air unit is worth 4 force,

artillery is worth 3, armor is worth 2, and infantry is worth 1.  Mutated and imperial units are worth

less force than standard units, so they allow you to send a larger attack.  With standard units, this

means that the largest single attack that can be sent at an emitter is about 75 mil offense. 

The force limit can be bypassed if two clans are at war status with each other.  In order for

war status to be activated, one clan must declare war, and the other clan must accept the war

declaration.  So it is beneficial for a defending clan to not accept war status, because this limits the

maximum attack size the other clan can send at their emitters.  


Morgana's troops will periodically attempt to retake your emitters.  She launches several of

these attacks per day, but as long as you have sufficient troops on each emitter (about 1 million

defense power for a level 5) you will take zero losses from these attacks.  For defeating her attack,

the clan recieves some antigen.  The clan must decide how it splits this antigen supply between its

members.  The clan leader has the ability to decide which members are allowed to use antigen, by

checking or unchecking the box next to each player's name in the "warriors" tab under the "my

clan" section in the embassy.

Antigen can be used to upgrade your troops, giving them higher power and lower credit

consumption.  For defense units the credit consumption is reduced by 50%, and for offense units it

is reduced by 25%.  Both offense and defense units recieve a 5% boost to their power. 

The base costs for upgrading units are: 200 for air units, 100 for artillery units, 50 for armor

units, and 20 for infantry.  These costs can be decreased by up to 50% using the "antigen cost"

upgrade in the tech nexus, and by a further 10% by completing the "splicers" clan achievement to

level 10.  Most clans focus on mutating the units used for emitter defense first, as this provides the

largest reduction in credit consumption.

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Thank you for your guides. But could you please format the text a little? 
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Alyona Kolomiitseva said:

Thank you for your guides. But could you please format the text a little? 
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