Seven things you should know about the Decoy Army Item!

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9 February, 2016, 5:04 PM UTC

Seven things you should know about the “Decoy Army” Item!

  • You can purchase this Item with Crystals or Protocrystals.  

  • This Item duplicates the number of Units your enemy will see in their Recon Report, i.e. the Report makes it look as though you have twice as many Units as you actually do. For example, if Player A activated a Decoy Army Item and was successfully reconned by Player B, Player B will receive a Recon report showing that Player A has an army double the size of his/her actual one. Once you apply this Item, it will visually multiply the number of your Units (except Recon Units and Military Sector Improvements) by two. 

  • The Decoy Army Item does not increase the actual size of the army. 

  • It does not apply to Reinforcements located in your Sector.  

  • Players that reconned your Sector do not see that you have an activated Item of this type.  

Make your strategy even more sophisticated! 

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