How do you decide which Sector or enemy to attack?

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3 May, 2017, 6:08 PM UTC

Do you know how to choose the right Sector or enemy to attack?

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26 May, 2017, 11:05 PM UTC

Check the sector's Level. A lvl 30 sector will not be as fun as a lvl 70, but certainly safer then a lvl 100

Check the sector for it's Sector Defense levels. IE. Lots of lvl 5 walls? Or a single lvl 1 gate? Does it have a skin?

Check the sector's Champion. More champion items of a higher grade may mean that player is really active. Or, no champion items means that player might not be around any more!

Check for a clan. Clan = backup. You don't need to kick the hornet's nest!

Be sure this is a worthwhile fight. PvP torny? XP torny? Is it REALLY worth it?

DONT take things for granted. It COULD be a trap sector where an entire clan has loaded their Defenses. Or the level may be severely lower then the player's military strength!

BE PREPARED TO LOSE WHAT YOU SEND!!! As stated above, you never know!~

BE PREPARED FOR LASHBACK!!! Defend your sector. Or, pull everything in so they wont get anything when they attack you!

But, most importantly

BE A GOOD ********** SPORT!! (excuse the language )

Knowing how to lose is just as important as knowing how to win. A victory that is a sore loser, is still just that. A sore loser.

If you lose:

DON'T whine to the person you lost too. It only fuels them!
DON'T whine to your clan. They might send you a few resources, but it was probably YOUR fault you lost in the first place, not theirs
DON'T give up! You can always build back up. Really, there IS no losing in this game!

LEARN from your loss! Next time, try not to lose the same way!

And, if you are a SUPER good loser, send them a (nice enough) "Good job" PM!

Its a great way show you have no (major) hard feelings for em, and will show that you are indeed a good sport. A simple "GG Mate!" will suffice. Hey, they might even see you are a decent bloke and respond! (with a PM, not an attack!) or even an Allyship!

Quick story: I hit a guy's tap and won.
He hit my sector, invaded it, and sat on me with probably 100Mil D.
Did I whine to him and spam him with PMs? No! I stayed respectful and polite.

What did it get me?

I was invited to join in with one of the top clans in TD! Talk about 0-60! Now I have great allies, great friends, and the guy I hit (now one of my commanding officers) and I DON'T hate eachother. Happy ending. Yay!

If you lost DEFENDING:

See the above guide on "Choosing the sector to attack" Only this time, you KNOW who you want to attack. Just check everything, and be prepared for glory! (or a loss, but now you know how to lose! )

Step lightly out there commanders, and keep your heads up high!   


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