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3 June, 2016, 3:05 PM UTC

Hi Commanders and Forum

                                                                           ::::::::::::::: Blue Devils :::::::::::::::

I am Gideon (Game name) from Blue Devils family. We are searching for good players who can help us in growing our clan. We are Ranked 69. We have even some goals. We are going to fulfill them soon .We have Fun, We are serious in war/challenges. We share problems, we even share happiness. We are active in chat. If you join we can discuss together. And we even have some little rules they are:-

Rule1. Have Fun

Rule2. Level Up

Rule3. Sign in at Chat Room (community message board)

Rule4. Work your Current Clan Missions and PVP's.

Rule5. Send friends request and 1 cyberdog to all your clan mates

Rule6. If you need anything (resources, Modules, etc.) feel free to ask.

Rule7. Do not raid, recon, nuke or occupy any Ally or Peace Friendlies. If they attack you then you mail me I will talk to his clan leader.

Rule8. Study and learn your Allies and Peace Friendlies

Rule9.Always send Intel and Battle reports to chat room as you see them in your Walkie. This is why the 1 Cyberdog is sent out to your Clan Mates. This also tells your higher and others what we should do on any enemy attack. Keep in mind to not retaliate or revenge your Ally. Send me the report and I will negotiate the situation. People make mistakes. So let Diplomacy work.

Rule10. MIA 3+ without written excuse via mail to me or my Deputy clan leader will be booted from Clan. (7 days of grace only

Would you like to join our Blue Devils family? If u like give me a shout back so we could send you an invitation or u can join ur self. We always welcome any one.

And if anyone is going to create a Clan or any one want to be a Sub-Clan then you can contract us . Our Clan is searching for a Sub-clan also.

If any word hurt u. I am really sorry for that.


Happy Hunting Guys

-Gideon(Game name )

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6 June, 2016, 11:58 AM UTC
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6 June, 2016, 8:02 PM UTC

@Chaitanya (3 June, 2016, 3:05 PM UTC):
Didn't you have another thread for the same clan?

It's still open to replies.

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