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25 April, 2016, 2:47 AM UTC

You all assume were bad people... and yes I am possessed by  a demon but thats besides the point. Again yes grammar is not relevant to this conversation. I will not bow down before the grammar politicians you know who you are and yes this is a run on sentence just to piss you off. That just happened. Any who.... MoR is full of bombastic characters and loyal fierce friends. We will destroy you crush you break you and then if you seem to be MoR quality we will pick you up and put you back together like the million dollar man again yes run on sentence because I can and you cant stop me. We have this perception that were evil which is awesome dont get me wrong keep thinking that were evil but you just cant see inside of what happens run on sentence what? We do this because it annoys you we do this because it infuriates you we do this because you cant handle it run on sentence. Yes we see you and no we dont fear you and yes we rip everything to pieces run on sentence. Everyone whose inside MoR unless their apart of the fold only sees what we want you to see and yes I am the culprit I design what you think you see because I am the one who makes it possible for you to see run on sentence. If you think for even a moment you see what you see because you are inside the machine then ive done my job correctly run on sentence. Try to break through try to get inside try to glimpse into the maze run on sentence. Yes I enjoy screwing with you all I have always enjoyed screwing with you all even when you thought I wasnt screwing with you all run on sentence and yes I did not perform grammar in that sentence because simply why? So now that were at the end of this fairy tale yes fairy tale because I happen to like 3 days grace BOom that just happened run on sentence. I assure you our group is full of amazing people and if you are lucky enough to be apart of it as I am then you will be able to be apart of the future of total domination and yes i just mentioned apart twice because I can and you cant stop me run on sentence. That just happened O.O.


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12 April, 2017, 5:42 AM UTC
So scary 
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