can anyone explane this

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31 August, 2017, 8:04 AM UTC
IVAN said:

Yes you,re correct Biohazard you should have tell me for the beggining instead of correct a Little mistake of my post  :) Now they,re without protection but i just don,t get why a bot should count as "getting active again" by the game if they,re bases of plarium system and not a player account anyway thank you and the community manager for the information and i hope that like the community manager said the new updates of Plarium finally makes this game better and reduce the number of bugs I have been playing here during a long time  i really likes the game and I know i,m not the only one that wants this game to be better. And for Plarium: please focus on your players request and game issues more and don,t let the money blinds you I know you can do better than this instead of put new epic offers and pack that only crystals players will buy everyday check out if there is some issue and that way the players won,t have to tell you I know it takes time but i suppose you made this games knowing that,thank you very munch.

The bots are not controlled by plarium, they're run by a third party.  So the game treats them the same as it would any other sector.  
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