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There are 3,000 Crystals hidden in one of these pumpkins!

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General T. Winters
1 November, 2016, 10:08 AM UTC

There are 3,000 Crystals hidden in one of these pumpkins. Try to guess in which one for a chance to win them!

Struck with fear, Morgana’s mutants ran away into the night, screaming and squealing... But they had just enough time to hide some Crystals inside one of the pumpkins. In which one?

One of the Commanders to give the correct answer will get 3,000 Crystals!

Trick or treat! Happy Halloween!

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1 November, 2016, 11:51 AM UTC
I believe its the first one, since it is glowing pink
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1 November, 2016, 3:52 PM UTC
you aint fitting 3k crystals in those three pumpkins lol, assuming the crystals are small enough to fit, they would be falling out of the carved area, but for sake of free crystals number 3
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1 November, 2016, 11:45 PM UTC

Number 1! (the pink one)

In Theory, the pink pumpkin holds crystals. The blue one holds credits, and the gold one holds Bioplasma

Forget the Mutagen; we need Unicorns! (May also may or may not be a DCL somewhere out-n-about. Come say hi! :3)
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2 November, 2016, 12:42 AM UTC

@General T. Winters (1 November, 2016, 10:08 AM UTC):
I'm guessing the middle one (The one with the blue glow).

I am the best Quantum Cannon. There are many like me, but only I am the best.
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2 November, 2016, 1:49 PM UTC

colors can be deceiving , crystals are pink, but they are in hiding.. so am going with the middle one.

Looks like the wires were cut. or altered in front of it.

but then.. number one.. is the obvious one

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- fakeasnever
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5 November, 2016, 8:23 PM UTC
Its the first one, Its the best hiding spot with pink color it will hide its way in it.
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Head Hunterz
12 November, 2016, 3:46 AM UTC
Well since everyone went 1 and 3. I say number 2 :P
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Jason Bullet
17 November, 2016, 5:30 PM UTC

It is time to announce the result of our competition!

3,000 Crystals are going to HEAD HUNTERZ!


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