SCAR Heavy Gunner Recognition for Defensive Bonus from Cerberus Biomech

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29 July, 2016, 5:55 PM UTC

I noticed when I have SCAR Heavy Gunner and Cerberus Biomech defending a tapsite, the defense bonus of the biomech indicates a bonus to all the other SCAR units except the heavy gunner, instead skipping to gladiators and cyberdogs; I've done the math to be sure 100 units are indicated as having a bonus per biomech, and there are; the issue is the heavy gunners are higher on the bonus hierarchy than are gladiators or cyberdogs, so I want the indication to reflect that the hierarchy is recognized, and I want those bonus defense points.

The Biomech defense bonus fluke might be purely anesthetic, I mean, this might be rectified when computing a defensive action; 

on the other hand, the fluke might suggest that the SCAR Heavy Gunner fails to register as an actual part of the defense fleet.

Thought I should let you know.

See attached photo for the documentation, evidence; photo was inserted as a URL:


I sent 3 SCAR Snipers to the same tapsite referred to above; after they arrived, the SCAR Heavy Gunners that were previously there developed the indication of being recognized for the bonus, however a problem of recognition indication persisted, because now the SCAR Snipers should have the defense bonus indication when only 287 gladiators have the bonus indication, but there are instead 290 gladiators with bonus indication and zero SCAR Snipers with bonus indication; a fluke.

So the system rectified the original fluke, and expressed a very similar fluke at around the same time of the rectification.

See the follow-up related attached photo, as expressed as a URL in this sentence structure, for evidence of the current fluke:

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1 August, 2016, 2:16 PM UTC
It's a known issue. We have a visual bug with Units recognition. If you think it's not only visual, you may contact our Support Team, they will test and verify it.
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