A True Story, I Promise!

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13 May, 2016, 4:08 PM UTC

Once upon a time, in a place we call the Wasteland, after about a twenty-four hour marathon of pwning n00bs and eating sandwiches, a spectacularly handsome man named DeathNote312 became bored of slaying his fellow players that were 80 levels above him (without spending a dime, of course) and decided to find some worthy prey. Overlooking his city like a god, Deathnote312 casually clicked on his radar, as there were new Infestations to pillage.

"What's this?" he asked, looking at what stood before him. "A level 100 Infestation? Ha! 'Tis no challenge for me! I may have only defeated a level 12, but surely I can match this!" He yelled, and sent his attack. After warping through space and time to reach his destination, DeathNote stood before the small settlement, planning his attack. With extreme valor, he sent 1,000,000 Valkyries into the storm, and another 500,000 troopers! The siege tanks fired their cannons, and Disintegrators shot their lazer beams! But, amidst all the ruckus, a very small mutant, with but a sword as dull as the plot of Grey's Anatomy, and a shield smaller than a Lego, he sliced off our noble hero's head, and threw it into the sky!

"We wiiiin!" Yelled the mutant.

Morgana approached the battle scene, evil as could be, and took DeathNote's head, threw it to General Winters, and said with benign laughter:

"The best player in the realm has been defeated! We... have... woooooon!"

The mutants cheered, the cyborgs cried, the Siege Tanks combusted, and Plasma Cannons erupted... the world was starting to end...

Returning to reality, DeathNote had awoken from his terrible dream, and began to gaze upon his level 27 Sector. All he could muster was a faint "Morgana".


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16 May, 2016, 12:30 PM UTC
The END? No, we want moreĀ 
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