Are there any other E board Builders or Riders out there?

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22 April, 2016, 11:10 AM UTC

Wassup! Commander Rex here.

I guess.

... Ok. Ill drop the formalities and get to the fun.

Are there any other Electronic longboard/mountainboard riders out there?

Here is a quick summary of my own DIY Electric Longboard Build:

Weight: 13 lbs.

Clearance; Ground to electronics casing: 2 in.

Clearance; Ground to board: 4 in.

Top Speed: 19mph

Cruising speed: 16mph

Range: 5 miles

Power: 1510 Watts

Batteries: x2 3S (11.1 Volts) OR x1 6S (22.2 Volts)

Wheel size: 90mm

Charge time: 2 hours

Runs off a 280kv Brushless outrunner motor usually used for RC airplanes, along with a RC car ESC speed controller and a RC car Remote.

Feast your eyes Commanders!

There she is!

Complete with a zombie unicorn mare; Miss Phantom Lace

If you have no idea what I am talking about, or want to read more in-detail stuff about these things/My build, or what some of the above means,  check out my Instructables post HERE

It also has a complete list of parts, along with step-by-step how I did it (pictures included!) just in case you take a special fancy and decide this is something you would like to make!

And if not, and you just want to pass some time learning something new and random while your sector egg heads complete that next module you need, grab a thermos of Mutagen and click that link, cuz you got a huge post and a bunch of pictures and reading to do!

(If you have your own build, or own an E-board, go ahead and show me! I enjoy reading about other's builds!

Questions/comments/concerns are always welcome!)




There is no better commander then the one that knows he must get places around his sector, and quick, so he can command his troops to the best of his abilities.

Those mutants wont wait for you to walk your little battle-hardened butt to the training grounds to organize your troops before they attack, so hop to it soldier! Embrace the future of personal transport vehicles, and make your own Electric Longboard! Only $300!

Good luck and Happy boarding!



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