Tapsite Tournament Recognition?

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25 February, 2016, 1:35 AM UTC

I kinda feel cheated at the end of this most recent Tapsite Tournament... I had 3 successful recoveries return to my base prior to the end of the tournament, with one at least 3 minutes prior to the end.  And yet, the server apparently recorded these as regular recoveries and were not admitted into the final results.  Normally I wouldn't make a fuss, but in this case, I was positioned as #102, and those recoveries, had they been input into the results (as they should have, since the tournament hadn't officially ended when they returned to base), would have placed me in the top 100.  I had 1530 points at the end, and positions 96-100 had 1.6K points.

The following are screenshots of the final 3 tapsite recoveries prior to the end of the tournament... and the tournament ended at 06:00 over here in EST:




And to give you an idea of how many points I would've gotten, here's one of the successful recoveries:


Not asking for compensation... just wondering why this happened.  It's not like someone attacked the tapsite, since they safely returned with the resources shown above, so why then would the recoveries not be recorded?  And if the tournament's cutoff is prior to 06:00 EST (or the equivalent in your respective time-codes), then why not make the tournament end at that time as well... I mean, it's misleading as to how much time  a player actually has to earn points for the mission.


- Rajeev Sudoku 

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26 February, 2016, 11:00 AM UTC
Commander, I've asked our technicians to investigate this case.
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