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29 January, 2016, 3:51 AM UTC

Some of you have been asking for the minimum system requirements for this game, and I believe I've (More or less) acquired the numbers (Through "hand-testing").

My current computer I use to frequently access the game has 1GB RAM, 256MB VRAM, an Intel Atom CPU (1.333GHz, single core), and Windows XP. (Alright, I get it, no need to point it out  -_- )

The optimal system specifications seems to be 4GB RAM, 256MB VRAM, and an AMD CPU (1.333GHz, quad-core), or 2GB RAM, and an Intel 1.6GHz CPU (Windows 7 for both).

The minimum system requirements for the Flash Plugin are available online (Somewhere), and are something like 512MB RAM, 256MB VRAM, and 1.333GHz single core CPU; or1GB RAM and 1.6GHz single core for netbooks (And of course, Windows XP or more recent OS)

So for the actual MSRs, minimum 110MB must be allocated to the Plugin itself just to get past the 'white screen' (If you encounter this, just wait a minute or 2 for the Plugin to receive access more RAM), and 550MB to get it working at its best.

The tab of the game itself needs about 30MB allocated to work properly (Little/no 'stutter' while travelling to different sectors), and 50MB to work at its best.

Because I did all of my testing using the Google Chrome Browser, I also recommend an OS of Windows 7 or later, since Chrome will soon no longer support Windows XP or Vista (2016 April, I believe).

If you've done some dedicated testing, feel free to correct my numbers and/or test different computer set-ups, to help other members determine what the minimal is for this game.
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29 January, 2016, 6:49 AM UTC

fakeasnever said:

My current computer I use to frequently access the game has Windows XP. (Alright, I get it, no need to point it out  -_- )

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30 January, 2016, 8:11 AM UTC

Another factor is your internet connection speed.  If you have a fast computer but are slow internet, it will still take forever for the game to load. 

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