Killing me softly

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15 January, 2018, 10:42 PM UTC

A shout out to all the credit card players that are in a rush to the top. Once you get there then what ? Will you get bored and quit the game ? Start wars in your own kingdom and destroy it ? Then complain that Plarium will not let you move or merge to another kingdom.

 Every player is valuable, they contribute in whatever way they can. Not all that rush to get big are selfish and thoughtless towards others that can not or will not spend to grow. To those big players enjoy the game. Teach others wanting to play by sharing your knowledge. 

I wish I was in your kingdom, mine has the selfish kind. Expecting all other clans to do as they want. Throwing crumbs from their table and we should be grateful. Its a shame that the few that already destroyed their vikings kingdom have not learned from what they did. Play the game, have fun. It isnt a race. 

Peace in your own kingdom seems to be the key to success.

It's all good fun !!
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21 February, 2018, 6:40 PM UTC
Yep. Way better to play for fun. In other case you can always hide under the shield
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