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29 December, 2017, 7:37 AM UTC
Hey guy's, I've been told that if you wait long enough after a purchase you can get packs in the bank which have a value of 99,99$ but only cost 4,99$. Now I've been waiting since the 30th of September and still nothing is showing up. The strange thing is that it does work on my pc account but on my android account nothing is happening. Can any of you give me an explanation or advice?
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30 December, 2017, 8:01 AM UTC
Since I got a really vague answer from plarium, i'll ask my next question to you guy's. The deals for 4,99$ with a value of 99,99$ do you only get them if you don't buy anything for the first few weeks? I'm asking 'cause i got tempted and bot something in the first week. Did I miss my chance or is something else going on? I really hope someone can give me an answer. There is almost nothing on this on thr web so...
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3 January, 2018, 11:28 AM UTC

Hi Arutha,

I have the same problem. Here is my conversation:

My first contact: "Hello,I bought a single pack 3 months ago at 4.99.- USD and the price does not drop below 19.99.- USD. The other players of my clan receive offers at 4.99.- after a month already. This is not normal. How do you explain that ? Best regards"

Answer of Plarium: "You can see different Offers in the game with various lists of Items, this helps you choose the right one for you in each game period. If you need one that you've purchased before, it will take a while for it to come back around to you. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help."

My answer: "Hi, I have said packs are never under 19.99.- USD. That's the problem and I do not understand that. Please, explain me why. Best regards"

Answer of Plarium: "... the Bank offers are unique for every player depending on their play styles. Please note that if you bought a package previously, it will take some time before the same package appears as an offer again."

My answer: "OK. I bought a package 3 months ago. It is not normal. I did not bought others. So, how long do I have to wait ? And what do you mean by play styles ?"

Plarium answer : "... the package system is designed by our specialists. It has various aspects that are in progress to help save the game balance. There are automatic price/content adjustments depending on players' in-game activities. There is no need to worry, for you can soon find other special offers that you'll certainly like. Because this is an automatic process, unfortunately, we cannot tell you the exact time of the adjustments and we cannot alter the system manually."

My answer: "his is really mysterious. I find that there is something unfair. Several more advanced players get offers at 4.99.- USD and I do not get anything at this price."

Plarium answer: "When comparing your offers with the offers of other players, you should compare with players who have the same purchasing & playing habits as you. Otherwise your comparisons will not provide reliable results. Players who have the same purchasing & playing habits are offered equal packages. Please keep monitoring changes in the Bank. There is a good choice of Lucrative Offers in the game. From time to time they change to offer you more bonuses or packs with different sets of Items."

Few days after, i wrote again in december: "Hi, I write you again because the prices of the packs does not always decrease below 19.99.-USD, since my first and last buy in august. You said me that will change, but nothing happens. Your explanations are not convincing. I think Plarium has limited my account. Do you have other explanations ?"

Plarium answer: "... please keep monitoring changes in the Bank. There is a good choice of Lucrative Offers in the game. From time to time they change to offer you more bonuses or packs with different sets of Items."

My answer: "Hi. You did not really read my message and so you do dot understand it. My problem is not to choose a pack in the Bank. I just want to understand why prices do not decrease at 4.99.- like for all other players after a very long time. I have purchased a pack in August. What are your explanations on this point?"

Plarium answer: "... the pricing policy of the game is carefully calculated by our team. You can see different Offers in the game with various lists of Items, this helps you choose the right one for you in each game period. If you need one that you've purchased before, it will take a while for it to come back around to you"

My answer: "Hi, Again, you do not really answer my question. For you, is it normal that you still do not offer pack 4.99.- after four months? There are no other players in my team who are doing this.You said it can take a while. Ok, but four months is enough, no ?"

Plarium answer: "... as it was mentioned, based on the players' in-game activity, the system automatically selects the offers for players. If you have any more questions about the game, please let us know."

I have no more ideas what to do. It's crazy!

Best regards

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4 January, 2018, 12:07 AM UTC

The following post contains logic, numbers and arithmetic.
If you cannot handle one of the above, proceed with caution.

Several things:

  1. Plarium (probably) does not play it's own game. At all. Or at least doesn't adjust it's algorithms accordingly.
    For instance, the algorithm does not know what hyper-farming is, or the fact that it's the only way to obtain resources in amounts that aren't laughable.
  2. You need to understand what a red-herring is. It's fairly common salesmen strategy.
    Let's say I have 4 things in my "shop" that you can buy (A-D) and that it's best for me that you buy D. So I do something very simple - I add 'E'.
    E is an offer very similar to D that is pretty blatantly worse than D (costs more, has less return on value - or a combination of both). Suddenly, D looks a LOT better than it did a moment ago. All the others too, if E is shitty enough.
    In short - some offers at the bank SUCK. You know they suck, Plarium knows they suck - yet there they are and you're not supposed to purchase them; Those are only there to make you more likely to purchase the rest.
  3. You also need to learn that %'s are a scale. And they need a base to scale from. All items in the game have a hidden (or otherwise) pricing in gold, including items you can't purchase for gold (but they do have a price tag). Combine the price total of the offer (in gold) and you'll get BASE_GOLD*(1+ (%'s/100) ).
    The amount of BASE_GOLD is listed at the bottom of the bank (where they say 1,500 gold = 4.99$ etc etc).
    You offer's B_G is the corresponding amount to what you pay (a 50% off deal going from 20$ to 10$ will have the B_G of 10$ and not 20$.
    Since (B_G of 20$) > 4*(B_G of 5$), you get more gold-value buying 1 20$ pack 4 times less often than 5$ packs (assuming identical %s).
  4. On a general note, Plarium inflates bank offer percentage values using several tricks. As a rule of a thumb, if you see rss (of any kind), time boosts or stamina potions in your bank offer, the "real value" of the pack is 60-65% (at most, can be less) of what they show you.
    Using numbers - let's say they claim the rss offer with base of 1,500 gold (5$) has +9,900% (i.e. 100x value, or 150,000 gold), if it has any of the above you will need no more than 97.5k gold to buy with gold everything in that pack were you using gold.
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6 January, 2018, 3:40 PM UTC

Dear Test, ;-)

I thank you for your explanations. They are so right. But I do not understand where the temporal variable is and why I have never received offers at 4.99- (for packs) after several months.

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24 January, 2018, 12:30 AM UTC


Unfortunately, the simple question of why your deals from the bank are not reverting to the price point of $4.99, is the one question that Plarium cannot provide a simple answer towards. As your post above illustrates, the automated responses offer no clarity, nor are helpful in the least.

I'm stuck in the same boat as you. I bought 4 deals priced at $4.99 in August, 2017. Since then, my deals have been priced at $19.99. When I wrote a comment on this forum asking about why my deals are stuck at that price, the only response I got about the situation was to just buy the $19.99 deals. I will not buy a deal priced at $19.99, then only to have my next price point be raised higher. There is no guarantee that your deals will revert to the $4.99 price point, if you buy a deal priced at $19.99.

It would be nice if someone from Plarium would provide clarity to this situation that many players are finding themselves in with regards to the deals from the Bank. 

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29 January, 2018, 5:47 AM UTC

With buying the packs, you start out with the 4.99, but if you buy a 9.99 pack then you only get the 9.99 and 19.99 offers, then if you buy a 19.99 you will only get 19.99 and 49.99 offers.

If you do not buy a pack I believe for 8 days, the price will drop down one bracket. so if you are have the 19.99/49.99 offers now, after 8 days it should drop to where you have 9.99 and 19.99 offers again. Then same to get to 4.99.

I have been sticking to the 9.99 packs for a really long time now but as far as I know, the system hasn’t changed 
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29 January, 2018, 5:52 AM UTC
Also when you first start playing if you do not buy for a week to maybe two weeks you get offered specials where the 49.99 packs are only 4.99.    Then if you do not buy again for I believe 4 weeks, you get offered  99.99 packs for 9.99.     Again it’s been a while and I know there were issues where people waited and never got those specials. But worth a try still if you can wait
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12 July, 2018, 9:04 PM UTC
made the same experience
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13 July, 2018, 2:26 PM UTC
I have not purchased for over a month now, the deals are still shitty, and I will not make a purchase. Plarium needs customers who spend.. STOP SPENDING.. they will be forced to straighten their asses up.. YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER WHO CONTROLS YOUR MONEY> 
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