Troop Marching Color Schemes Suggestion

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23 August, 2017, 3:17 PM UTC

Right now, the game uses two colors to mark the path of marching troops:

1. light grey for other/enemy troops

2. bright red for your own troops

These colors are not very intuitive.

First, the grey is BARELY VISIBLE which makes it hard to notice enemy troops marching on your position. This is not good in a game focused on war.

Second, the color red implies DANGER, so it makes little sense to assign this color to your own troops.

It would be more intuitive to use the following color scheme:

1. GREEN for safe troops - so your troops and allies.

2. RED for enemy troops - it will then be very clear at a glance if there's danger headed your way and perfectly visible.

Alternatively, allow a color customization option in the game so people can pick their own colors.


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