Assailants and Materials

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13 December, 2017, 7:58 PM UTC

Assailants and materials

(Visit also: Assailants Juwels tab)

Legend: Unconfirmed, explicit

Disciple (19) : Beast Hide, Black Thread, Bronze, Chain Links, Cloth, Cord, Dye, Flint, Lasurite, Hemp, Old Rags, Poison Bottle, Quill, Silk, Steel, Steel Cake, Tar, Wood, Wool

Executioner (17) : Broken Shield, Bronze, Charcoal, Coarse Сloth, Dye, Flint, Lasurite, Granite, Hemp, Hone Stone, Leather, Silk, Steel, Strong Thread, Tar, Wood, Wool

Fugitive (17) : Beast Hide, Bronze, Chain Links, Cord, Dye, Flint, Lasurite, Granite, Hemp, Leather, Old Rags, Rusted Metal, Silk, Steel, Tar, Wood, Wool

Heretic (17) : Brocade, Bronze, Bulat Ingot, Dye, Flint, Lasurite, Goatskin, Granite, Hawk Feather, Hemp, Leather, Silk, Steel, Sword Hilt, Tar, Wood, Wool

Nomad (17) : Beast Sinew, Broadcloth, Bronze, Bull Horn, Dye, Flint, Lasurite, Granite, Hemp, Leather, Reed, Silk, Steel, Tar, Viper Venom, Wood, Wool

Nord (17) : Bronze, Crude Leather, Dye, Flint, Lasurite, Granite, Hemp, Leather, Maple Planks, Northern Steel, Precious Ore, Silk, Steel, Tar, Wood, Wool, Woven Cable

Outcast (17) : Birch Bark, Bronze, Coal, Deerskin, Dye, Flint, Lasurite, Gold Dust, Granite, Hemp, Leather, Silk, Steel, Tar, Welding Steel, Wood, Wool

Paladin (17) : Bronze, Dye, Fine Steel, Flint, Lasurite, Granite, Hemp, Leather, Rivets, Silk, Steel, Strong Planks, Tar, Thick Cotton, White Stones, Wood, Wool

Pillager (17) : Bronze, Dye, Flint, Lasurite, Hemp, Iron Cake, Lambskin, Leather, Old Blade, Silk, Steel, Steel Cake, Strap, String, Tar, Wood, Wool

Rebel (17) : Black Oil, Bronze, Dye, Flint, Lasurite, Granite, Hemp, Leather, Leather Roll, Oak Bark, Parchment, Silk, Steel, Steel Spikes, Tar, Wood, Wool

Renegade (15) : Bronze, Clew, Dye, Flint, Lasurite, Hemp, Leather, Old Links, Sackcloth, Silk, Steel, Torn Leather, Wax, Wood, Wool

Saracen (16) : Arrow Shafts, Bird Feathers, Durable Cloth, Dye, Flint, Lasurite, Granite, Hemp, Leather, Rusty Stirrup, Silk, Steel, Tanned Hide, Tar, Wood, Wool

Savage (17) : Bronze, Dye, Flint, Lasurite, Granite, Hemp, Leather, Pine Planks, Predator Fang, Prill, Shredded Fur, Silk, Steel, Tar, Whetstone, Wood, Wool

Smuggler (16) : Bronze, Copper Clasp, Dye, Felt, Flint, Flint Piece, Lasurite, Granite, Hemp, Scrap of Silk, Silk, Steel, Tar, Waxed Thread, Wood, Wool

Vandal (16) : Bone, Bronze, Dye, Lasurite, Granite, Hemp, Leather, Predator Hide, Sharp Spike, Silk, Steel, Sturdy Pole, Tar, Twine, Wood, Wool

Virago (17) : Bronze, Dye, Flint, Foreign Silk, Lasurite, Gold Rods, Granite, Hemp, Leather, Rough Patches, Silk, Steel, Steel Sheet, Sulfur, Tar, Wood, Wool

Barbarian Chief (20) : Birch Bark, Black Thread, Cloth, Coal, Copper Clasp, Crude Leather, Deerskin, Felt, Flint Piece, Gold Dust, Maple Planks, Northern Steel, Poison Bottle, Precious Ore, Quill, Scrap of Silk, Steel Cake, Waxed Thread, Welding Steel, Woven Cable

Black Inquisitor (20) : Brocade, Bulat Ingot, Fine Steel, Foreign Silk, Goatskin, Gold Rods, Hawk Feather, Pine Planks, Predator Fang, Prill, Rivets, Rough Patches, Shredded Fur, Steel Sheet, Strong Planks, Sulfur, Sword Hilt, Thick Cotton, Whetstone, White Stones

Bloody Duke (20) : Arrow Shafts, Bird Feathers, Bone, Broken Shield, Charcoal, Clew, Coarse Сloth, Durable Cloth, Hone Stone, Old Links, Predator Hide, Rusty Stirrup, Sackcloth, Sharp Spike, Strong Thread, Sturdy Pole, Tanned Hide, Torn Leather, Twine, Wax

Possessed (20) : Beast Hide, Beast Sinew, Black Oil, Broadcloth, Bull Horn, Chain Links, Cord, Iron Cake, Lambskin, Leather Roll, Oak Bark, Old Blade, Old Rags, Parchment, Reed, Rusted Metal, Steel Spikes, Strap, String, Viper Venom

...The list will be updated sporadically.

Eindringlinge und Materialien

Legende: Unbestätigt, explizit

Barbar (17) : Bronze, Lasurit, Färbemittel, Granit, Hanf, Kantholz, Kiesel, Leder, Pelzfetzen, Pinienplanken, Prill, Raubtierzahn, Seide, Stahl, Teer, Wetzstein, Wolle

Deserteur (15) : Alte Glieder, Bronze, Defektes Leder, Lasurit, Färbemittel, Hanf, Kantholz, Kiesel, Knäuel, Leder, Sackleinen, Seide, Stahl, Wachs, Wolle

Flüchtiger (17) : Alte Lappen, Altes Metall, Bestienhaut, Bronze, Lasurit, Färbemittel, Granit, Hanf, Kantholz, Kettenglieder, Kiesel, Leder, Seide, Stahl, Strick, Teer, Wolle

Henker (17) : Bronze, Lasurit, Färbemittel, Granit, Grober Stoff, Hanf, Holzkohle, Kantholz, Kiesel, Leder, Schildwrack, Schleifstein, Seide, Stahl, Starker Faden, Teer, Wolle

Jünger (19) : Alte Lappen, Bestienhaut, Bronze, Lasurit, Färbemittel, Fester Faden, Giftflasche, Hanf, Kantholz, Kettenglieder, Kiesel, Schreibfeder, Seide, Stahl, Stahlbarren, Stoff, Strick, Teer, Wolle

Ketzer (17) : Brokat, Bronze, Bulat-Barren, Lasurit, Färbemittel, Falkenfeder, Granit, Hanf, Kantholz, Kiesel, Leder, Schwertgriff, Seide, Stahl, Teer, Wolle, Ziegenleder

Nomade (17) : Bestiensehne, Bronze, Lasurit, Färbemittel, Granit, Hanf, Kantholz, Kiesel, Leder, Schilfrohr, Seide, Stahl, Stierhorn, Teer, Viperngift, Walkstoff, Wolle

Nord (17) : Ahornplanken, Bronze, Lasurit, Färbemittel, Granit, Grobes Leder, Hanf, Kantholz, Kiesel, Kostbares Erz, Leder, Nordstahl, Seide, Stahl, Stoffseil, Teer, Wolle

Paladin (17) : Bronze, Dicke Wolle, Lasurit, Färbemittel, Feiner Stahl, Granit, Hanf, Kantholz, Kiesel, Leder, Nieten, Seide, Stahl, Starke Planken, Teer, Weiße Steine, Wolle

Plünderer (17) : Alte Klinge, Bronze, Lasurit, Eisenbarren, Faden, Färbemittel, Hanf, Kantholz, Kiesel, Lammhaut, Leder, Riemen, Seide, Stahl, Stahlbarren, Teer, Wolle

Rebell (17) : Bronze, Lasurit, Eichenrinde, Färbemittel, Granit, Hanf, Kantholz, Kiesel, Leder, Pergament, Rollo de Cuero, Schwarzes Öl, Seide, Stahl, Stahldornen, Teer, Wolle

Sarazene (16) : Lasurit, Färbemittel, Fester Stoff, Gegerbte Haut, Granit, Hanf, Kantholz, Kiesel, Leder, Pfeilschäfte, Seide, Stahl, Steigbügel, Teer, Vogelfedern, Wolle

Schmuggler (16) : Bronze, Lasurit, Färbemittel, Filz, Flint, Granit, Hanf, Kantholz, Kiesel, Kupferklemme, Seide, Seidentuch, Stahl, Teer, Wachsgarn, Wolle

Vandale (16) : Bronze, Lasurit, Färbemittel, Granit, Hanf, Kantholz, Knochen, Leder, Raubtierhaut, Robuste Stange, Scharfer Dorn, Schnur, Seide, Stahl, Teer, Wolle

Verbannter (17) : Birkenrinde, Bronze, Lasurit, Färbemittel, Goldstaub, Granit, Hanf, Hirschleder, Kantholz, Kiesel, Kohle, Leder, Schweißstahl, Seide, Stahl, Teer, Wolle

Virago (17) : Bronze, Derbe Flicken, Lasurit, Färbemittel, Fremde Seide, Goldstäbe, Granit, Hanf, Kantholz, Kiesel, Leder, Schwefel, Seide, Stahl, Stahlblech, Teer, Wolle

Barbarenhäuptling (20) : Ahornplanken, Birkenrinde, Fester Faden, Filz, Flint, Giftflasche, Goldstaub, Grobes Leder, Hirschleder, Kohle, Kostbares Erz, Kupferklemme, Nordstahl, Schreibfeder, Schweißstahl, Seidentuch, Stahlbarren, Stoff, Stoffseil, Wachsgarn

Besessener (20) : Alte Klinge, Alte Lappen, Altes Metall, Bestienhaut, Bestiensehne, Eichenrinde, Eisenbarren, Faden, Kettenglieder, Lammhaut, Pergament, Riemen, Rollo de Cuero, Schilfrohr, Schwarzes Öl, Stahldornen, Stierhorn, Strick, Viperngift, Walkstoff

Blutiger Fürst (20) : Alte Glieder, Defektes Leder, Fester Stoff, Gegerbte Haut, Grober Stoff, Holzkohle, Knäuel, Knochen, Pfeilschäfte, Raubtierhaut, Robuste Stange, Sackleinen, Scharfer Dorn, Schildwrack, Schleifstein, Schnur, Starker Faden, Steigbügel, Vogelfedern, Wachs

Schwarzer Inquisitor (20) : Brokat, Bulat-Barren, Derbe Flicken, Dicke Wolle, Falkenfeder, Feiner Stahl, Fremde Seide, Goldstäbe, Nieten, Pelzfetzen, Pinienplanken, Prill, Raubtierzahn, Schwefel, Schwertgriff, Stahlblech, Starke Planken, Weiße Steine, Wetzstein, Ziegenleder

...Die Liste wird sporadisch aktualisiert.

Edit 7. Mai 2018: Updated (e) / aktualisiert (d):
 - Change of name: Lasurite (Gem),
 - Namensänderung: Lasurit (Edelstein)

Have Fun!

Umbra from TARAX

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15 December, 2017, 10:03 AM UTC

Btw I found a good tab of assailants u can add it to your guide

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15 December, 2017, 11:55 PM UTC

Nice tab - thank you, Jake,

... especially for adding the executioner values and also the completing with max bonus value and the alphas!

I like the stones/bonus grouping and will make my tabs more corresponding to yours... :)

Öhhm, "I found a good table..." means you din't it by yourself? -

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19 December, 2017, 3:01 PM UTC
Umbra Lumba said:

Öhhm, "I found a good table..." means you din't it by yourself? -

No, just found on the Internet. So yeah not mine
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